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The Best Wireframe Tools/ Softwares for UX/UI Designers

Wireframe means to plot a data block on the website after visualizing. Wireframe software is playing an important role in the development of a website. In website wireframe tools is having an important role for UI/UX designer. There are various wireframe tools available for designing a pattern of a website. Through wireframe, we can create a mockup, prototyping for an app or website.

As you create mockups and prototyping of an app or website, the development & designing of websites or apps will be an easier task. mockups & prototyping gives you a roadmap to move on. Wireframe software main aims to convey a basic idea of website data block placement.

Wireframe for Website Wireframe

The wireframe is also called a page schematic or screen blueprint. Because it helps to visualize the data blocks on the website. The wireframe’s main purpose is to arrange the elements specifically. In wireframe, we only design a layout of an app or website.it did not provide the features to do style or add graphics.

Wireframes are created by business analysts, UI designers, developers, visual designers, and others who are interested in visualizing & understanding of user experience. There are a lot of wireframe software & tools which provide drag & drop facilities for images, banners. There are few points on which wireframe focus:

  • The range of unlimited functions available
  • The priorities of the information and functions
  • There are some roles to show information at a specific place

UX designers need this tool for prototyping software, wireframing software, graphic design software, research and testing, bug report and tracking software, and many more. There are various tools to handle two or more needs, like Sketch, which can do vector editing, prototyping, code export.

The need for Wireframe tool

The need for wireframe software is basically to convey a message to the user as well as client form whom we design websites and an app. Through wireframes tools we design mockups & prototypes, which help the developer, designer & client to understand the look & functionality of the website & app.

Wireframe Software Criteria

There are some qualities that need to be in mind when you are creating prototyping, mockups for an app & website. This point helps you to design the best prototype for your app & website. The prototype is effective, and you can easily develop a prototype.

Navigation design

As we all know a navigation is all about to move from one page to another. In navigation design, we can design menus to move from one page to another.

Interface design

User interface design is about the user experience and user interaction, how a user can interact on the website. User interface design provides efficiency, usability & easy to use websites or apps. The user interface design is action buttons, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons.

Features & Functionality

 Wireframe tools provide various features & functionality to design mockups & prototypes. Features like link creation, animation, button click and many more.

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop functionality helps you to design prototypes and mockups. It helps you to quickly create mockups with so much ease.

Feedback & Collaboration Tools

Feedback is also important for creating the prototype on wireframes. You can drop a comment if you find any error.

Interactive Elements

The prototype should be interactive. You can add various elements when creating a prototype like links, button, click event & animation.

Revision History

Wireframes tools provide revisions history. You can check previous changes in tools. so that you can undo the changes.

Best Wireframe Software for UI/UX designers.

  • Template Toaster
  • Adobe XD
  • Envision
  • Moqups
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Wireframe.cc
  • Mockplus

Features of various wireframe software

Best Wireframe ToolsTrialOffline/OnlineEase of UseAvailable for PlatformStarting Price
InvisionyesOnline4.4/5Windows, MacOS$15/month
MoqupsFree planOnline4.5/5Browser$13/month
Wireframe.cc7 days trialOnline4/5Browser$16/month
TemplateToasterfree trialOffline4.8/5Web, Windows$42.62 one time purchase
Mockplus planOffline4/5Windows, MacOS, iOS, Web, Android$199/year
Axure RP30 days trialOnline4/5MacOS, Windows, Web$29/month
Balsamiq Mockups30 days trialOnline/Offline4.5/5Web$89 one time purchase
JustinmindFree planOnline/Offline4.5/5Browser$19/month
Fluid UIyesOnline4.1/5Browser$15/month
Mock FlowyesOnline/Offline3/5MacOS, Windows$14/month
UXPinUp to 30 days trialOnline/Offline3.5/5Windows, Browser, MacOS, iOS, Unix, Android$19/month
Proto.ioyesOnline3.7/5Browser, Android$24/month
CanvayesOnline4.5/5iOS, Browser$12.95/month
OmniGraffle14 days trialOnline4/5iOS, Browser, MacOS$99 one time license
MarvelyesOnline4.8/5Android, iOS, Browser$12/month
Gliffy14 days trialOnline4.3/5Browser$7.99/month

Best Wireframe Software

Justinmind (Promoted)

Platform: Mac OS, Windows

Price: $19/month

Web-based Justinmind wireframe tool has various libraries of UI elements like buttons and forms, generics shapes and a range of widgets for iOS, SAP, and Android. 

In Custom styling, you can apply various rounded corners, cropped images or color gradients, or import graphics by dragging them into the browser. Prototypes are very helpful to export the design as HTML.


Platform: Mac OS, iOS, Windows

Price: Free for individual & team and for team $8

Miro provides a system to collaborate with the remote teams to work within. Miro is an impressive tool to an infinite whiteboard, widgets and pre-built templates; it provides the workspace to provide the environment that users are in the same room. 

Miro is an entire toolkit for a wireframing, user story or customer journey maps. Miro integrates with various applications like Slack, Jira, Google Drive, and Sketch, which helps to create a user experience.


Platform: Web browser

Price: Free for an individual as well as $16

Wireframe.cc provides you a simple tool for creating the prototype by using toolbars icons to draw sketching of your app mockups. To draw the best mockups wireframe.cc provides a list of tools. 

You can avoid procrastination of UI elements. And there are limited options for color, so you can easily build mockups by using limited colors.

Adobe Xd

Platform: macOS, Windows

Price: free to $19.99per month

Adobe Xd provide features of prototyping tools, Adobe Xd wireframe helps you to create the sketching tools, flowchart, sitemap and many more other options to design your flow of app & website.

You can try Adobe free as well as paid subscriptions for using with various other features of the tools. 


Platform: Web browser

Price: free as basic and $23 in the premium plan option.

UXPin helps in creating prototyping by dragging and dropping custom elements. UXpin updated their libraries on a regular basis for Bootstrap, Foundation, iOS, and Android. Your wireframes can be quickly creating mockups that briefly describe the flow of your website and app and also help to understand client requirements. Using UXpin you can create fully interactive and animated prototypes of your final product. 

You can also use Photoshop to design your design pattern. This will help you to design the structure of the website. UXpin helps you to design the prototyping with proper documentation.

Fluid UI

Platform: Web browser & desktop application for Mac/Windows/Linux, for preview the design Android applications are also available.

Price: for the individual, you have to pay $8.25

Fluid UI has built-in libraries that provide 2000 built-in components for iOS, Android, Windows. You can create pages with the help of these libraries.

Fluid UI provides a good way for you to create your projects visually effecting by creating links, forming a diagram of how everything fits together. Hovering over a link gives you the option to change the kind of transition.

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