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This is The Reason Why You Need To Use a Flipbook NOW

The materials we read have recently become part of the digital age, which is why many have taken the form of an ebook or a virtual publication. As technology evolves, they have become increasingly popular, as devices such as tablets, e-readers, and smartphones are practically becoming an extension of us. Everyone wanted one thing: to get that classic design that many of us appreciate even now. Of course, many have made small improvements to that system, and we will see documents with all sorts of quirks that are available with one simple finger swipe on the screen.

Obviously, it is interesting to be able to read an online document that will make you think of a printed book, but in essence, don’t we all want to adapt to the technological development of the era we actually live in?

As much as some would like to deny it, everything around us nowadays evolves at the speed of light. So why don’t we adapt our documents to this new era, as well? Since we are connected to our laptop, phone or tablet every day for almost all our daily activities. And let’s not forget about platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites, which we use more often than we actually acknowledge, which means they have a certain value in the activity we carry out. Well, these are just a few reasons why a flipbook is what you need to optimize your online work, both for you and your customers. 

As mentioned, this is now possible thanks to online flipbook makers technology, but let’s see what a flipbook actually “brings to the table.”

First of all, they are a digital representation of a document, such as newspapers, brochures, catalogs, booklets, magazines, reports, portfolios and all sorts of marketing materials. Flipbooks are a more appealing alternative to PDF documents and also more engaging, because they look exactly like a printed publication and yet they are more than that. Due to the fact that they have interactive effects, such as page-turning, which mimics perfectly the hand turning the page, giving the user that printed material feeling.

Any digital page content can be turned into a virtual document with on-screen pages that engage readers with an appealing high-tech navigation approach. So, to get a better idea of its features, a flipbook can turn a simple and dull document into one that can make you engage more with its content.

For example, you can embed videos, both Youtube and Vimeo supported, pictures or even GIFs, and you can also customize the fonts of your text to highlight the information you want to stand out. But one of the most important features is the one we were talking about in the first place: you can connect your desired web pages to your flipbook. How? Very easy: by using a flipbook maker, you will be able to insert links to the pages you want to send your customers to. Also, with the help of this feature, you can, for example, refer to a study or any other document by making it easier to return to the original document.

Want to know something even more interesting? Unlike classic documents, you can easily add buttons to your social media platforms. This way, you can generate visitors very easily and quickly. We are sure you’ve come across situations when you’ve been interested in someone’s content or services but haven’t had the time to get out of the document and search for their social media or web page separately. Instead, you left this for later, and most of the time, it stayed that way. Using a well-structured and easy-to-read flipbook, the social media platforms will be just a click away. You read about it, click on it, and navigate right on the spot.

Did I mention that a flipbook is also pocket-friendly? Well, it is. Marketing and advertising costs are significantly reduced when using a flipbook. Basically, the cost of printing and distribution is eliminated. Therefore, a flipbook is the best low-cost and eco-friendly advertising tool that one can have at its disposal. And of course, you are also up to date technologically-wise, so you will be able to send it by email or share it as an HTML5 with just a couple of clicks.

Another crucial aspect you need to know about a flipbook is that it can provide advanced security features, optimized SEO, and it helps you a lot when it comes to compiling statistics.

In terms of security measures, you can choose who can see, edit, share and download the document you sent. In addition, you can set a password to allow or limit access to the document to people in your workspace, and also you can even enable or disable the option for it to be printed. As you can see, a flipbook will always secure your content when you want it.

Flipbooks can have a built-in SEO optimization system that can help you get more views and popularity online when it comes to SEO optimization. They can be top-notch performers and help you rank higher in Google search results, and you can also adjust descriptions or keywords. In a nutshell, it will help you stand out on the internet.

Statistics wise: You can use two tools, namely the built-in statistics features, or integrate them into your Google Analytics account. Whichever option you choose, you will get important data about those who read or interact with your document. That will be enormously helpful in your marketing activities because, in this way, you will know which parts of your flipbook are more engaging and what you can improve if needed.

If you also consider flipbooks to be the newest and best option for your online strategy, you can take a look at what Flipsnack has to offer as an online flipbook maker. Feel free to look them up, take a swing at their free plan and enjoy creating your made-to-measure publications.

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