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5 Tips From Qrite to Increase Sales using Feedback Strategy

Do you ship a lot of products? Are you seeing a low response rate on e-mail surveys sent after delivery? Let’s dive into this problem! See how qrite can help your business.

qrite.com – The Feedback Revolution – developed the qrite Feedback Strategy. This strategy is a method developed over the years and based on extensive experience in the retail industry.  It create new reviews and repeat business. 

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Online marketing of the last decade has focused mostly around search engine optimization, content management, reviews, promotions, and discount tools. But over the past years, qrite sees a steady increase in businesses that have started to use the power of feedback and customer satisfaction to increase their revenues.

With the qrite Feedback Strategy, your business can grow by almost 30% in repeat-purchases customers and increase reviews received via online platforms by 50%.

To do that, qrite is combining the efforts of the last decade, and invite you to jump on the feedback train! qrite will give you 5 tips for an excellent feedback strategy.

Tip 1: use a feedback tool to measure customer satisfaction

Do you rely on sounds you hear through your customer care system? Don’t do that. Use a feedback tool to measure customer satisfaction. If you want to receive rich, real-time data you need a feedback tool to gather data. 

With a feedback tool you can build perfect questionnaires. A tool makes it possible to separate satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Very important for the success of the feedback strategy. 

Tip 2: use QR-codes to gather feedback

Throughout the sales process, your customers have various interactions with your business. The most important moment? When their delivery comes in and they can start using their new product. In that moment, your (online) service, delivery, packaging, co packer and product all come together. So, there’s no better time to ask for feedback. Use that moment. Print a QR-code on the package, the receipt or add our card in the box. Capture the moment and ask for feedback.

Most of all: stop asking people for feedback afterwards, when they’re busy with something else. Ask yourself the question: Is my service or product really top of mind after a few days?

By collecting customer input ‘in the moment’, data will be more reliable, and you’ll also be much more able to remedy a sub-par experience proactively.

There are a lot of options for both online and offline based retail businesses to gather feedback, my favorites spots:

  • Print a QR-code on the receipt
  • Print the QR-code on the bag
  • Give your customers a flyer
  • Display a QR-code at the exit or at the cash register
  • Print the QR-code on the box
  • Print the QR-code on payslips or invoices
  • Include feedback links in your delivery messages
Tips to Increase Sales

Tip 3: Reward your customers for giving their feedback

Incentives are everything. Especially when asking for feedback. Most online retailers already use discount codes. For example, for signing up for the newsletter, or free delivery for a customer’s first purchase.

Discounts are the small incentive you can use to nudge your customers to give feedback; qrite recommend doing this to help skyrocket the amount of feedback you receive. A discount or free shipping on their next order will greatly increase the amount of feedback given. While you’re at it, ask your customer to subscribe to your newsletter as part of the process as well. Use your existing discount offers, and really put them to work for you.

qrite’s “incentive module” allows you to add the incentives on the thank you page. This way, you’ll get the feedback you’re looking for before you give the reward.

Rewards will not only help you increase conversion on feedback. It allows you to build trust and rapport with your customers, so the next time they buy, it’s directly from your store, instead of from Amazon, Facebook, or any other marketplace.

Tips to Increase Sales

Tip 4: Use the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS is an industry-trusted method, which uses a scoring mechanism that ranges from -100 to 100. A question measures the willingness of customers to recommend your company or its product/service to others. The usual question is: “How likely are you to recommend [company/product/service] to a friend or a colleague?”.

Answers are given on a numeric scale of 0-10. Based on their answer, the respondent’s area is either considered: ‘detractors’, ‘passives’ or ‘promoters’.

Detractors are customers on the scale between 0 and 6. They are not satisfied enough to recommend your business. They won’t purchase again and could potentially damage the company’s reputation through negative word of mouth.

Passives gave a score of 7 or 8. They are satisfied. But are not directly a repeat-purchase customer. They probably wouldn’t spread any negative or positive recommendation for your company.

Promoters gave a score of 9 or 10. They love your company, product and services. The promoters will most probably recommend your company to others. These are your potential repeat-purchase customers.

qrite automatically calculates your NPS score for you, but you can also use the following formula:

(Percentage of promoters – the percentage of detractors) x 100 = Net Promoter Score

Tips to Increase Sales

Tip 5: Fix the customer’s problems

A good feedback system will only work if you have a customer care team with a proactive approach. Ask your customer care team to take action when a customer is not satisfied. Instantly. Send an e-mail or even better, call the customer and ask: “Can we help you?”. Give your unsatisfied customers the attention that they deserve. After all, they put their trust in your business. Really caring will help your business grow in the short and long term. And trust us: offering good service always犀利士 repays itself.

You will quickly see that this approach will help your business create more promoters. You are turning unsatisfied customers into satisfied ones, and differentiating yourself from the competition. Of course, there are always customers that you will still not satisfy. But, in the long term, you give people an extra service. You build trust. You will reduce the number of detractors and b犀利士 y acting instantly, AVOID many of the negatives comments they may have left if you hadn’t reached out. In many cases, qrite see in fact that detractors turn into promoters, who happily share their experience with the amazing service they got, after initially having a poor experience with your company.

Start putting these tips into action today and grow your business

Trust us when qrite say: this really works. Also, trust the numbers. Looking at some of the data released to us by our customers, qrite saw in several cases that almost 30% (!) of customers who have an initial issue, and give feedback via qrite’s QR-code, become repeat-purchase customers when their issue gets resolved proactively. 

Qrite can help you collect, analyze, and understand customer feedback. qrite can usually integrate our approach into your business operation within 24 hours. If you start today, you’ll start collecting more, and better feedback tomorrow. Join The Feedback Revolution!