The use of online technology among youth, adolescents, teachers, and parents is exponentially increasing. Reading news updates, e-paper, novels, magazines save space at home, help to conveniently access texts physically and easily connect to an internet connection.

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Technology-driven devices include audio and visual material that create a unique recreational experience. Listed below are the top 7 advantages of digital reading:

  1. Accessibility

Gone are the days when you had to travel far to visit a library or bookstore and rush to return a borrowed book before its due date, you can now get digital reading material in different formats according to your device compatibility.

The digital revolution enables you to retrieve books from any corner of the planet, even at odd hours or while travelling, studying/working from home, with the option to download or purchase books and store them for later use.

In addition to paid services many reading apps, programs and websites offer infinite free e-reading material in multiple formats where you can turn pages easily, adjust font and colour preferences and read on the go.

  1. Convenient usage

To enjoy reading books without an internet connection, you can download them in advance or enable offline access on your system. Additionally, several books can be accessed on one device (or different devices that can be synced).

Using the search tab, you can easily look for a book or character name to easily resume your reading session weeks or months later.

You can read online books while eating, travelling and ensure the same page remains open without locking your device (after usual screen time) or allows you to add bookmarks that can be saved in the reader memory forever. 

  1. Space-savers

Digital books are portable, they save space at home and in your backpack so you can stock multiple books in one device seamlessly. Online books ensure you don’t ever have to carry several bulky books or even occupy storage of digital devices.

Electronic readers are small, light and can be easily carried around in bags, especially during travelling, without worrying about excess luggage. The books occupy a few megabytes on your reader, phone or laptop.

You can also use apps to de-clutter read or unused books or use free programs to organize your books and ensure you never lose a book ever again. In addition to research papers, get unlimited access to more than 4 lakh Scribd books with a 30-day free trial.

  1. Functionality

E-books are functional and can be regularly updated to the latest version without worrying about contacting the author, publisher or publishing agency. Besides ordering books online, you can save time and money from getting reprinted versions every time.

Digital reading devices have an integrated dictionary and most stories published here allow users to search word meanings, highlight important text, add comments to important sections. 

Interesting features of e-readers help to learn new words and make notes so you don’t miss out on the usual studying experience. You can also export your notes to documents and create personalized data for later use.

  1.  Affordability

Digital books save time and money. The environment-friendly option eliminates the paper printing process and book distribution costs. Likewise, pre and post-production costs of paperback designing, packaging, shipping costs are saved.

Social features permit easy sharing without paying an additional cost. You can share ebooks with multiple readers easily and collaborate material with fellow-learners without spending a single penny.

Instead of buying audio-visual CDs or audio versions of popular books, you can find ebooks with embedded content and enjoy augmented 3D visuals while reading. You can also point or click on the image/text to enjoy enhanced content that adds to the reading and learning experience.

  1. Readability

To protect your eyes from constant screen exposure you can adjust screen brightness that suits eye comfort, switch to dark mode and reduce eye strain, change font type or size and disable notifications to ready without getting distracted.

Multimedia features including embedded audio and video allow you to move away from conventional reading and use features like ‘read aloud’ and text-to-speech for easy suitability, especially while driving, eating or doing other chores.

Additionally, you can save reading progress, annotate books to go back to the story and sync all devices to ensure you can easily scroll back to the last read location easily. 

  1. Enhanced learning

Interactive features on digital platforms generate a high level of engagement leading to a better understanding of narrative, increased comprehension, more immersion and absorption of information.

To understand the content better, you can follow links from e-books and gather additional information about a topic. Multimedia enhancements and interactive reading material also help children and adults with a learning disability or visual impairment.

In addition to being cost-effective, e-books have transformed reading creatively. You can go back to the same content several times, make learning fun, track or share progress and get an enriched experience. 

Contemporary digital media tools with music, animated content, and interactive narratives are collaborated to fascinate fictional readers and make learning extremely effective. To top that, digital reading comes with the added advantage of budget-friendliness! For example, by applying Magzter coupons to your digital purchases, you can enjoy additional savings on books, magazines, newsletter subscriptions and so much more!

All tech-savvy people of this digital age can fuel their digital reading experience by purchasing online reading material with coupons, promotional codes, discount vouchers, festive sales and claim savings with extra perks on app/website purchases. So make sure to check out coupon aggregating websites to get the best deals on your next purchase!

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