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Top 8 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Continue To Rule in Market

Content marketing even today has continued to be insanely effective, and is considered to important part of building trust, generating leads and finally leads them to conversion. In a research study conducted by Stratabeat found that 80% of the businesses and decision makers prefer to continue gaining information in a serious of articles, versus and advertisements.  And unlike the other digital marketing techniques content marketing is something that you did not want to jump into blindly. Just like the cricket team does not jump into the field without any game plan, you don’t have to get content strategy without devising a strategy.

In fact in a research study conducted by the Content marketing institute and Marketing Profs found that marketers who have a documented strategy will not just be more effective but also less challenging enough with every aspect of content marketing. Given below are the eight content marketing strategies that will help you to rule in market.

People will continue watching more videos: Video consumption is set to continue to explode in the upcoming year with cisco predicting that 69% of the consumers will continue to gain traffic by 2020. This comes with no surprises that with internet speed and the mobile usage continually rising enable the users to stream out videos whenever and wherever possible. Smart content marketers will continue to launch this trend by having relevant and quality content created, and then leveraging on video friendly social media networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in order to get their content out there.

Video Marketing

Brands will continue to be more creative with format: Content marketing has been mainly about blogging, eBooks and the other types of content generating more of email subscribers. These strategies will continue to prevail and brands will have to be more creative with their content formats breaking through noise. Visual content will continue to be more important as the search engines tend to get better analysing the images determining the images what your images are all about. More gifs – Yay.

Mobile will continue to be a must and not a choice: Mobile will continue to be an everyday reality in 2020. Apart from the fact that google has listed mobile optimization as a ranking factor, people habits have still not changed. Studies have shown that over 80% of the internet users now own a smart phone, switching the devices in order to find the right information and then communicate with your loved ones. The best thing here is that they continue to interact with each other differently with mobile in particular being a beast to itself.

Messaging will continue to be more niche: With more and more businesses entering into the new saturated pool of content marketing 2020, we will need to stop going to high level and start getting down to the nitty-gritty.  Say for example rather than writing the blog post about how you can attract more and more customer’s online, you are better of writing how you can attract more and more customers through Facebook ads. Scratching the surface of an over discussed topic will never ever help you stand out ahead of your competitors. Why should people come forward and reads your posts instead of thousands out there. Serve your audiences by going deep into the rabbit hold.

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Story Telling in Content Marketing: There was a time when content marketing was so new that the brands could successfully reach, engage and convince the marketing audiences by focussing on the inbound techniques without any story telling elements. Clichés like content is the king littered all the marketing blogs across the web because it was true, that content was the king. People were sick of being interrupted by ads and hearing the same thing again and again, so the page views poured in with conversions cracked up making the content marketers happy that they could prove the worth of their work to senior leadership.

Content Marketing will continue to outshine traditional marketing: We already know that the brands are spending a huge amount of money when it comes to content rather than advertising. And these are trends that will likely to continue in 2020. Infact in a study conducted by Hubspot predicts that this trend will lead publications to generate more and more leads monetizing those ads. Content marketing is much more effective when compared to the other forms of marketing such as ads, and organizations begin to get better attributing dollar value to content marketing properly.

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Keeping an editorial calendar: Always remember that the content marketing strategies are governed by time. It is one indispensable resource that has to be managed more effectively maximizing the marketing success. This is why editorial calendar is considered to be a must have component for an efficient content marketing strategy. Editorial calendar will here not just ensure your content is delivered timely, it will also help your team stay on the same page letting others to know what to prioritize. In order to develop an editorial calendar you must atleast post two blogs per week, two infographics per week, and one case study every three months.

Increasing effectiveness: Content marketing is turning to be more and more challenging enough as its becoming more purpose driven. It’s not just about content marketing, but its about finding the link between the value and the ROI. As content marketing will continue to mature, marketers are expected to come up with the new ways of measuring their effectiveness. This is a changing trend year by year on their expectations from content marketing and its effectiveness as we do understand how things turn out to work, and we could dig deeper into the secret formula making an effective content marketing strategy.


To Conclude:  While these trends might turn out to threaten your content marketing strategy, it is important that you go ahead and check with rather than going against the flow. Change what has to be changed, taking advantages of these opportunities. So what major challenges of content marketing did I miss? Please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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