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Easy and Smart Software to Boost Your 4K/Large-sized Videos Editing Workflow

The last few years have seen a paradigm shift in how content is created and consumed on the Internet. From text and image based content we have moved towards a video driven era. Faster Internet connections now allow users to stream content on their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. We have also seen a huge increase in the number of content creators. It isn’t just YouTube but video creators are publishing millions of hours of content everyday on platforms such as Filmora, Powtoon, WeVideo and Wideo to name a few. 

From travel vlogs to food reviews and DIY content we are seeing thousands of people around the world build careers out of video creation. From housewives to construction contractors and food critics you can think of today’s video creators as the person next door. Unlike video creators of the previous era these aren’t people who bring in years of technical knowhow into video editing and using after effects. With billions of hours of footage being shot every day and turned into millions of hours off useful content the demand for video editing tools is on the rise. If you wish to get started with creating your own videos you will need to start by choosing software that eases your 4K/HD video workflow. VideoProc is one video editing suite that has caught our attention. 

VideoProc – Making Video Editing a Cakewalk

In the crowd of 4K and HD Video Editors, VideoProc has ushered in fresh light. It packs in all the bells and whistles that you would want to see in a video editor and at the same time it is lightweight which acts as its biggest USP. If you are starting out with video editing and have been holding on to a legacy workstation or a laptop, you are good to get started with 4K video editing. At minimum 1 GB memory requirement and 200 MB of disk space you aren’t likely to come across another video editor that offers you as many creative options without forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars to procure a new workstation that can offer you seamlessly workflow. 

The GPU Hardware acceleration of this tool puts it into the league of the best video editing suits you can think of. This allows you to create professional quality videos in quick time aided by dozens of tools and features. In fact VideoProc is the only lightweight video editing tool that utilizes GPU acceleration throughout 4K Ultra HD editing process and this allows easy rendering and other editing features on the software without causing lag even on workstations that aren’t powered by the latest processors or have high memory. 

Key Features of VideoProc

As we have mentioned already VideoProc packs in all the bells and whistles that one would expect in a professional video editing suite. This amazing video editing tool would let you create quality videos for your channel and memories for a lifetime. VideoProc brings in a wide range of tools and features that would allow you to create professional videos without having to undergo a steep learning curve like some of the other tools do. Let us now take you through the important features of this tool – 

Editing Features

VideoProc packs in all the basic editing features that you would need to create amazing videos that include cut, crop, merge split, join, rotate, subtitles etc. Let us now take you through the basics of these features – 

  • Cut – The flexible cut feature allows users to cut and shorten any video. Using this tool you will be do away with all the unnecessary shots in your raw footage. You can also arrange the shots in a sequence and build your story. 
  • Crop – Much like the cut tool the crop tool also allows you to crop any video to retain only the useful sections. This tool also includes features such as zooming in, aspect ratio and image composition which allows you to highlight important sections in the video and create those stunning clips for Instagram. 
  • Merge – This is one of the most important editing features of this tool and it allows you to merge different shots to create a coherent story. The USP here is that you will be able to merge different formats such as MOV, MP4, MKV and AVI which is the case when you are shooting with different cameras. For example you can create a video with footage shot on your iPhone and GoPro and they would seamlessly merge in the final output. 
  • Subtitles – Your amazing 4k video is犀利士 incomplete without subtitles. With VideoProc you don’t need to emboss the subtitles on the videos as was the case in the past. You can easily add subtitles from another location to your video as it supports formats such as .ssa, .srt and .ass which will allow your users to enable or disable the subtitles at will. 
  • Spin and Rotate – Spin and rotate features are useful for those who would look to create those stunning outdoor videos. Using these tools you will be able to add basic effects to a video to make it more engaging. 

Resizing Feature

You won’t have to worry a bit about resizing your video when you are using this tool. There are plenty of resizing options available. From compressing 4K videos to lower definitions to reducing video length there are tools that would allow you to get this down on a mouse click. And those of you who a犀利士 re worried about downscaling and up scaling videos VideoProc packs in these options too and allows you to edit shots seamlessly. Thus you can easily convert a 4K video into HD or upscale your HD video into 4K. 

Effects Feature

There are plenty of Effects options available on this video editing suite. Adding an Effect to your video is easy and all that you need to do is click “Effect” function button that is available in the magic want icon and you are ready to add different effects to your video. The options here include brightness, hue, contrast, gamma and saturation to name a few. Apart from these there are several other options available under the Effects menu that you can try. 

Adjustments Feature

You wouldn’t want to upload a half-baked video on your channel. This is where the adjustments feature comes to your rescue. Here VideoProc makes your life easy with several Adjustment options that include A/V synchronization, de-interlacing, speed adjustment, bit rate, frame rate and video stabilization. Among all these features the Video Stabilization is perhaps the one that you use the most. They call it the Deshake and as the same suggests it is meant to stabilize the shaky footage that you may have shot. Use this and you can be rest assured that your shaky hands wouldn’t be the dominant topic of discussion in your video!

Other Features

Apart from the features that we have already mentioned there are several other features that would be useful for your needs. These include noise removal, fisheye error fixing, M3U8 error fixing, GIF Maker and more. 

Conversion Feature

Converting videos is a daily regime for any content creator and with this tool you will be able to convert video and audio files in the most popular formats. From creating content to be streamed on phones to those for large screen television the conversion feature on this software stands out. It supports 370 input codecs and more than 420 output formats making it the most versatile video editing tool you would have ever come across. 

Final Words

If you are looking for lightweight video editing software that offers you all the features and tools you would need to create professional quality video you shouldn’t have an iota of apprehension in your mind regarding the choice of VideoProc. It doesn’t require you to invest hundreds of dollars in scaling up your hardware or buying a new workstation for the purpose. The GPU Hardware acceleration feature in this software makes it stand ahead of the crowd. It’s easy to get started with on this tool and it offers you unlimited creative option.

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