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5 Ways Filmora9 Helps Video Editors Grow | Wondershare Filmora 9 Review

Getting into video creation is exciting, whether you’re doing it as a creative outlet or to build a brand. That excitement can, sadly, wane if you run into issues early on. Filmora9 is a video editing software designed to make it easier for you to create videos at the same level as the videos you enjoy watching most or find most effective.

Here are 5 ways Filmora9 makes life easier both when you start creating and as you grow as a video editors.

1. Timeline Rendering

One of the most common frustrations facing creators is that the more stress they put on their computers – by editing with 4K footage, using multiple layers of media, or by making a large number of changes – the harder it can become for editing software to run smoothly. Lagging is not only annoying, it makes editing a longer and more difficult process.

Filmora9 has several tools for reducing lag (proxy files and GPU acceleration are easily turned on from the Preferences window), but the most prominent is timeline rendering. Instead of rendering only on your export you can render your preview as you edit, resulting in a smoother experience. You can set automatic rendering to start after you’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time, or you can click the render button to trigger a render whenever you want. 

2. Audio Keyframing

For an online audience, audio quality is just as important as video quality (if not more so). For an online creator, audio can get complicated fast. When you layer video clips and images you always know that the top layer is what people will see. When you layer audio, everything competes and your video gets too loud.

Audio keyframing in Filmora9 allows you to change the volume of different audio files as they play without having to fade down to 0. This means you can easily turn down background music to make room for dialogue.

3. Green Screen

Green screen isn’t just for sci-fi movies and weathermen, it’s an important tool to a lot of creators on YouTube and other platforms. Gamers use a green screen to layer themselves on top of their game footage, lifestyle vloggers use it for transitions and text effects, and it’s a great way to create special effects.

Filmora9 has a powerful green-screen tool with feathering for more natural edges. Activate the green screen chroma key feature with a few quick clicks.

4. Multi-Track Editing: Compositing and Masks

When you first start making videos you might be satisfied with just ordering your clips on one track, but it won’t be long before this just isn’t enough. You’ll want to add a facecam over that software tutorial and adjust it to sit in the corner, or you’ll want to add your branded logo and have it be partially transparent. You might even want to fake a trick shot using two separate clips, like in the video below.

You get up to 100 video tracks in Filmora9 and you can use those for video clips, images, filters, overlays, and even motion graphics. You can change the transparency of your media and apply blend modes – features that change the way your layers of media interact (i.e. whether the media visible under your transparent layer looks brighter or darker) – or even change the shape of your top layer using an image mask. These tools are all easy to use in Filmora9, and if you need a bit of help Team Filmora is always making new creative tutorials.

5. ‘How To’s, Tutorials, and More!

Filmora9 is an intuitive software, but video editing itself is not something that is instinctual for many people. If you don’t know quite where to start, the Filmora Video Editor YouTube channel is a great first stop (even if you don’t use Filmora9). There are tutorials on using Filmora9’s features as well as editing and filming techniques to help you become an all-around better creator.

 To download a free trial of Filmora9 visits the official website by clicking here.

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