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Stellar Converter for Database Review

Are you in need of a reliable database converter tool? Stellar Converter for Database might just be the perfect option for you.

Database users often face the problem of converting the database which could be too severe for the in-house tool to do. Hence, to convert database from one format to another, a third-party program is often required. And one of the most reliable Database Conversion programs out there is Stellar Converter for Database.

What is Stellar Converter for Database?

Stellar Converter for Database is a database conversion program, specially designed to inter-convert various databases like MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite and SQL Anywhere. It is a comprehensive product of Stellar Information Technology Pvt., which is a worldwide provider with the suite of complete data care tools.

The software is equipped to Convert and organize database records efficiently, convert multiple data types and attributes. Furthermore, Stellar Converter for Database ensures that converted files don’t face any data loss.

In addition, it hosts a flexible support system for all databases, with designated support for all Windows versions, from Windows 7 to the latest version Windows 10. In the same vein, there is support for virtually multiple MS SQL, MySQL and SQL Anywhere versions.

How Stellar Converter for Database actually works?

After downloading and installing from the official page of Stellar Converter for Database

In Step 1: On first screen, dialog box appears and asks to select a source database type for conversion i.e. MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite, and, SQL Anywhere along with ‘Browse’ option and offers ‘Search’ option to select and locate the database file you want to convert. After selecting the required database file, you need to click ‘Scan’ button to start scanning and further going ahead with the conversion process.

Step 2: Scanning process of database file will start. The time it takes will depend upon the size of the database file and the records and data present in that file. Status will be shown in the progress bar.

Step 3: As the scanning process completes, software will prompt “Scanning Process Completed” message and displays the complete preview of all the convertible components of database file. You can drill down and expand/browse in the left pane tree by selecting the individual table to check related records. 

Step 4: Under the File menu, click “Convert”. Select the destination database type and fill in “connect to the server” details. Click “Save”. 

Step 5: After saving the database in required type, the software prompts the message “Selected Database Converted Successfully”. 

Benefits of Stellar Converter for Database

Conversion of Individual Tables

Stellar’s Converter for Database software provides an option to convert and save individual tables from one database file format to another. This feature helps user to save time and efforts in the conversion process.

Log Report for Easy Analysis

A complete log report of the conversion process is provided by our software and can be saved at any specified destination. This log report includes start and end time of the conversion process, converted database version, database size, name of the database file and the detailed status of the converted database tables.


The rich and intuitive GUI of the software makes the database conversion process a breeze. Users can easily convert and save a database file to another database file format, without any assistance.

Key Features of Stellar Repair for Outlook

Powerful and Secure Conversion

Stellar Converter for Database hosts a powerful set of algorithms, which is capable of converting complex databases while maintaining database integrity. This software can efficiently convert specific or entire MS SQL database records including all necessary table attributes like indexes, keys etc.

Accurate Database Conversion

Stellar Converter for Database accurately converts MySQL database file to MS SQL database (.mdf) file. Additionally, the software can also convert MySQL database to SQLite (.db and .sqlite) or SQL Anywhere (.db) file formats.

Also, it supports conversion of specific or all of the MySQL database records, with supporting key constraints, attributes and data types.

Free Preview of Convertible Tables

The program comes with an improved preview setup, which allows you to see items (tables or records) during conversion, before they are saved on your system. 

Final Words

Essentially, Stellar Converter for Database is arguably the most reliable Database Converter Tool in the market. Hence, if you are facing any problem with database conversion, you might want to check out this software. Simply free download and have a secure trial!

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  • Helpful post. Thanks for sharing. The tool shows preview of all convertible data in the organized manner. That’s the best feature.

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