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What Is a Podcast

What is a Podcast and How to Start a Podcast on YouTube

In recent times, podcasts have experienced a remarkable spike in the numbers. People have been employing it as a convenient means of getting audio content that encompasses different topics. The number of available podcasting platforms like YouTube has made it more crucial for creators to know a podcast and who can be a podcaster. In this guide, we will discuss what is a podcast on YouTube and then understand the step-by-step process of how to start your podcast on YouTube.


What Is a Podcast?
How to Start a Podcast on YouTube

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is an interactive form of entertainment that may have video or audio of specific or diverse topics that consist of a series of episodes. Podcasters are the hosts of the podcast. Podcasts can be created by anyone, unlike other forms of media, such as radio shows where only the voices are heard. Although there are many goals, most of them are seen as a part of entertainment.

Whether it is for leisure, to learn about current events, or to gain knowledge on an area of interest, a podcast can prove to be helpful. Furthermore, podcasting is an excellent way to make your company, services, and products known to a broader audience. Only podcasts that stand the test of time and create loyal customers can create a remarkable position on the social media platform YouTube.

How to make a podcast on YouTube by yourself

1. Define your niche: It is important to understand what your podcast will consist of before you start to record anything. The niche must be specific and not a subject that causes any confusion. Moreover, the niche should make the experience of the listeners both meaningful and enjoyable.

2. Create a Plan: Proper format should be considered, including the length of episode, frequency, and structuring of the publication. In particular, planning is essential and you should prepare everything before creating a podcast.

3. Gather Equipment: While you don’t need top-notch equipment for your podcast business, you should get a microphone as a starting point. Besides, an editing app or software is needed to improve the quality of sound recordings as well.

4. Record and Edit Your Episodes: It’s critical to choose the ideal setting for your podcast recording. Quality content capture is just as vital as using software to enhance and polish your audio, including eliminating background noise and adding music as necessary.

5. Choose a Hosting Platform: To upload your audio to YouTube, you have to be able to upload your files to sites such as Libsyn, Podbean, or Anchor. These services allow you to fill Google via Round-up sites which are websites that provide RSS streams to the users.

6. Create a YouTube Channel: Start a YouTube channel if you do not have one yet. Be unique and distinctive by using a creative word or your brand name and then add a logo and art that is relevant to the podcast theme.


A podcast on your YouTube channel will introduce you to the world of billions of people, provide an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and interests and offer a great experience. However, the first thing that you should be acquainted with is what is a podcast on YouTube.  Following this, there are certain practices and rules in content creation that must be stuck to. Besides this, podcasting can also make you a reliable voice in your specific field.

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