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What is a Society Management Technology and How Gated Communities Can Leverage This Technology?

While the world is rapidly moving to a full-fledged digital transformation in business, personal and institutional fronts, there are still some legacy systems that are being operated within housing societies that simply drain time, money and resources. Some prominent examples are pen and paper visitor registration at the guard’s desk, door to door collection of maintenance bills and manual accounting of society’s finances. 

These days apps, gadgets and custom software for managing all types of business and personal needs is a way of life. A society management software is one such tool that can make administration of your society’s affairs simple through intelligent automation. 

Here’s how a society can avail the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Software for your housing society.

Establish fail-proof security at the gate

Society apps like MyGate work on a passcode verification system in which the resident sends a secret passcode via the mobile to the visitor, which gets authenticated at the guard’s app. Residents can deny or approve entry to unexpected visitors in real time while frequent visitors like maids and drivers get a special passcode for daily entry. Features like overstay alert, child safety protocol and remote attendance of domestic, maintenance staff and guards can be leveraged to smooth out any creases in security measures. 

Automated, transparent, streamlined accounting

Delayed maintenance payments from residents are a big problem as reminding different defaulters every month is a hassle. Society management software can be used to set email/text reminders that can be sent as per the due dates. Bills can be automatically generated based on flat, hybrid, sq ft rates for apartments and towers. 

Managing committee/RWA members get special access to an end to end accounting suite for apartment where they can get collection, arrears, advance, defaulters reports and charge penalties, maintain daily and general ledgers, create payment approval workflows for vendors, manage staff payments, receive online payments through integration of mobile wallets, net and mobile banking, and prepare in preconfigured templates reports like BS, P&L, GST Report, TDS Reports as well as pre-built GST calculations. 

All the data remains secure since ERP apps store information on a private cloud (Amazon Web Services) and use cutting edge encryption technology. 

Amenities management

Society admin can create an online amenities booking calendar in-app where residents can book gym, club, pool house, etc., so that there’s no conflict or overcrowding due to unavailability. Admin can limit the number of slots per household per month for each amenity. 

Complaints resolution

Residents facing plumbing, electrical or general maintenance problems can raise a ticket on the software which gets assigned to the right department. The status gets updated in real time as pending, resolved, queued so residents can be aware of the progress. 

Third party integrations

Residents get value added services via tie-ups with Zomato, Swiggy and other daily needs vendors alongside emergency health services from StanPlus, Portea and Nightingales as well as discounted health check-ups from M-fine. 


Additionally, Covid combat features like capturing temperature and mask info at gate, Quarantine-centric features to easily identify, mark, and manage the flats where residents are quarantined. Parking management can also be streamlined using features for guards to retrieve vehicle owners from the app when vehicles are not parked correctly and dynamic automatic updates on visitor parking spots. 

In summary, there is every type of customisable automation available in software specially designed for managing a housing society’s operational and financial affairs. And the cherry on top is that these software like MyGate are available at affordable packages for small, medium and large gated complexes. 

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