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Why Do Developers Choose Shopify For eCommerce Business Startups?

Shopify platform is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, which is recommended by the various professionals & entrepreneurs of startups. The Shopify development favoured the budding startup’s owners due to its cost-saving and economical features.

Most companies prefer Shopify for eCommerce stores as it is very simple to use. The Shopify platform powers around 300,000 online stores. With the passage of time, the Shopify platform is becoming a more reliable & rich feature and makes online shopping easier. So in order to launch your online store business, you need to hire a Shopify developer, which will make your vision clear and assist you to achieve your goal.

Shopify was founded by Tobi when he wanted to sell snowboards, the company known as the Snowdevil. He came to know that it’s challenging to sell products online without the proper eCommerce platform. So Shopify came into existence.

Let’s explore the various features of the Shopify platform which allows the business owners to extract the benefits and launch the eCommerce business with great ease.

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Appealing Visual Design

The UI/UX of the online store is very important to make the buying decision. If the online store appears dull, then there is a high chance that online customers can leave the shopping cart without any products. You should hire Shopify developers that can easily modify the storefront according to your business theme.

No hosting Problems

Hosting an online store can be a cumbersome task and may require high technical expertise. Launching a new business takes the initial heavy costs of the server meanwhile Shopify takes care of your online store hosting, managing payments gateways and other essential software. The Shopify platform also allows the features of self-hosted carts, which can be selected by the entrepreneurs as per their requirements & choice.

The Shopify platform uses a reliable large network of servers to manage & host the merchant’s website. It is called Content Delivery Networks (CDN). This ensures that your online store loads very fast whenever your customer’s login or land to make the purchase.

Reliable Data Security

The products & customers data are the crucial assets of the eCommerce business. Also, the eCommerce business is vulnerable to hackers so data security is very important.  Building an eCommerce business on the Shopify platform ensures security compliance, provides hacker pro solutions and various security updates over a period of time. Many globally renowned brands trust the security of the Shopify platform.

Great Customers Support

Small business owners have to pay when they want professional IT assistance. Seeking help from Shopify customers support is very easy and can be reached through email, phone or chat. The Shopify customers care is a boon for the new entrepreneur on which they can save their capitals

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Shopify allows you to reach your audience very easily with integrated advanced marketing tools. These tools allow sharing the marketing material, content marketing, retargeting, influencer marketing and much more. Shopify amplifies the content marketing strategies and can easily share the blog post effortlessly. It also provides various suggestions to boost the readability of the post.

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User-Friendly Platform

Shopify has its pool of official themes and all the enables with the

personalized features, where no coding is required. The drag and drop functionality makes the complex work very easy. Hence no technical knowledge is required to make the changes in the themes. So all in all Shopify is considered a user-friendly platform that makes the best choice for entrepreneurs, startups & small business owners.

Better Products Management

You can easily synchronize the inventory seamlessly with the advanced admin panel. It allows the products based on categories, types, vendors that make the filtration & tracking of stocks easy.

Suppose your product is available in multiple colours in various sizes, then Shopify allows you to add the product’s variation in different SKUs. Shopify provides the flexibility to integrate the 3rd party applications which can manage the products tracking and other data associated with it.

Easy CSS Editing & Themes Customization

It’s an easier way to customize your online Shopify store, even when you have a good understanding of CSS. Customization of CSS will be a few steps extra with which you can boost your online store performance. Sometimes it can be tricky work and leads to unwanted results when you lack the expertise in this.

 It’s always preferable to hire Shopify developers to perform these types of tasks. Storing this backup is the best option while proceeding towards this because if something has gone wrong you won’t have to go back again from scratch.

Mobile Responsiveness

The use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. The majority of our daily tasks are performed by our smartphones or mobile apps. When it comes to shopping or hunting the new products users perform this task on their phone while commuting, travelling or waiting. So it becomes essential to have the mobile responsiveness of the online store. The phone devices are available in multiple sizes & resolutions, so the Shopify developers ensure it looks uniform & best on every device and boost their online shopping experience.

Launch Your Online Store Today!

Shopify is one of the remarkable robust solutions to create & launch the eCommerce business. The available themes allow you to select the best as per your business interesting products like items of clothing, utilities, Food & drinks, home decor items etc. With the multiple payment systems the international, national & local sales can be made successfully by following all legal compliances. The ease to use, scalability, modification and integrated advanced features make it popular among the startups to make their online presence in a short time with strong technical support.

Shopify is an extremely powerful platform that doesn’t need more elements. From the millions of Shopify themes, business owners can select their choice based on their business niche or brands. The easy customization gives more flexibility to your online Shopify Stores.

In this piece of content, we have tried how the Shopify platform can save your extra time, effort & capital when you’re ready to revolutionize society with your online store. It’s always better to hire Shopify developers to build the pixel-perfect online store and also make you free from the various other recurring works. If you are looking to take your business to the new height of success it can be a suitable technology to fuel up your interest.

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