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Top Five eCommerce Platforms In 2023

Finding best ecommerce platforms is always a challenging task whether you’re in need to establish an online store for your small business startup or need to fulfill your growing business needs. The main purpose of choosing from best ecommerce platforms is either to start an ecommerce business or build easy-to-use storefronts to reach target audience and sell products or services in your target market.

Over the past few years, all ecommerce platforms have been fighting for their spot by improving their features and allowing all-in-one solutions to millions of start-ups willing to penetrate their target market. With more than hundreds of comparisons and reviews for best ecommerce startups, we have compiled a unified list of best ecommerce platforms based on overall performance score by the end of year 2019-20. Below you may find the list of best ecommerce platforms in 2023 that were successful in providing businesses with efficient customization and cutting-edge features to meet and fulfill their business solutions.

  1. WooCommerce – Best eCommerce Platform

Best eCommerce Platforms In 2018On top of our list, WooCommerce has sustained its position as one of the most popular open source ecommerce platform providing business with customizable ecommerce solutions. Having seamless integrations with wordpress, the store owners can manage to incorporate ecommerce with content allowing them to sell anything from physical products to digital merchandises and everything in-between. The woocommerce platform also provides developers with open interface to edit anything from website layout to buy-now buttons. Moreover, the store owners can add product pages, categories, tags, and filter product performance based on popularity and rating from customers. With more price-valued features like product affiliations, theme customization, built in payment processing, setting shipping rates and shipping options makes woocommerce the leading ecommerce platform of 2023.

  1. BigCommerce – Best eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Platforms In 2018Competing at the second position in our list, BigCommerce is another ecommerce platform that allows website owners to customize and control the entire website template. With 80+ visually stunning responsive templates crafted for every industry, the basic layout require no additional formatting with html or css. Also by reducing the cost on website development, the site owners can rest assure about the website security that is backed intrusion detection software that prevents false access with secure server firewalls. One of the best features of BigEcommerce is built-in integration with business applications like salesforce, zendesk, mail chimp, olark and ecommerce platforms like ebay, amazon, Google shopping and facebook. Moreover, the platform provides a built-in blog for content that is required for promotional activities and spreading the voice across the internet. All in all, this platform provides you with better shipping options to streamline your business operations and help reduce operational cost while improving your website conversions.

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  1. Shopify – Best eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Platforms In 2018Among our list of best ecommerce platforms in 2023, Shofiy resides at the third position with more than 100 mobile-friendly themes. With shopify platform you cannot only customize your storefront but can also manage your products, track orders and allow safe gateway for customers to pay through credit cards. With number of handy features like order tracking, payment tracking, shipping tracking and order cancellation you can manage your orders in easy-to-navigate interface. Moreover, the shopify cms is streamlined in accordance with seo where you can directly add products for google search comparison. Sopify also qualifies as an open source platform built-in than fifty languages so website owners can translate their content for viewers for their specific regions. Almost all shopify stores are built-in with social media integration with platforms like facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, and tumblr. Shopify also provides its store owners to sell products directly on facebook while giving discounts and send coupon codes directly via email through mailchimp email marketing app. There are different shopify pricing option also available Lastly, with consistent efficiency and continuous upgrading features, shopify deserves its spot in the list of best ecommerce platforms of 2023

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  1. Magento – Best eCommerce Platform

Top eCommerce Platforms In 2018Being an open-source ecommerce platform with flexible cloud solutions, Magento sustains its position among best ecommerce platforms. With more than 4M downloads and easy to manage website management features, Magento provides its store owners to share information across multiple stores from single admin role. Website owners can now assign roles and allow permissions to third party applications. With hundreds of website design templates targeted for wide array of industries, magento platform barely requires any additional modification. Easy integration with amazon payments and playpal with shipping-rate calculator from UPS, Fed-Ex and USPS make this platform worthy of investment to streamline business automation without any hassle. Moreover, with magento platform allows both customers and site owners to accept checks, money order, and manage online orders. This platform also comes built-in with marketing promotional tools where you can manage bundle products, schedule newsletters and customize landing page for upcoming promotional offers. Conclusively, the magento is a feature-rich ecommerce platform that deserves its spot in our list.

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  1. YoKart – Best eCommerce Platform

Best eCommerce Platforms In 2018 Sustaining its position among best ecommerce platforms, yokart is one of the ready-made ecommerce platforms for business startups to create multi-vendor online stores. With high-end features backed with user friendly interface, yokart outranks other platforms as commercially reliable platform for buying and selling products. With so many mobile-friendly themes and easy to customize designs, yokart makes it easy to manage products and track order with its hassle-free dashboard. Prospects can also benefit from free installation, free technical support and free domain name for effortless store buildup. Yokart also comes with built-in blog and social media integrations to share upcoming promotions and spread message across other platforms.

Over the past several years, with the increase in number of online shopping stores, the need for feature-packed ecommerce platforms has grown exponentially. While choosing among best ecommerce platforms it is necessary to compare features that fulfill your business needs and reduce your maintenance in long run. So why not build your own store today, and accelerate your business with these platforms to reach your target audience and grow sales exponentially. That was our list of 5 best ecommerce platforms in 2023, hope you liked them and in case you need more information or want to share your own insights, then do leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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