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Advancing Your Career With Smart Use Of Social Media

With the IT field being the most dynamic and fastest growing industry of the 21st century, businesses and individuals are offered a large variety of promotional digital media (Socail Media) that we couldn’t have even imagined a couple of decades ago. The Internet, along with social media have created an open global market that allows you to not only promote yourself, but create a virtual personal brand composed of your opinions, skills and capabilities. Let’s take a look what are the essential steps for you to take in order to present yourself and your set of skills in the best possible light online.

Having A LinkedIn Resume

With over 300 million users online, as well as being used by over 90 percent of recruiters, LinkedIn truly is a giant of the corporate world. Whether you are building a personal career or a business, there is no question that you should be present on this massive digital network. By creating a profile and introducing yourself to the global business community, make sure you are being professional and realistic, while at the same time presenting your unique capabilities and positive attitude. By learning to use keywords in an optimum way, highlight your areas of expertise and display your positive attitude towards specific industries in order to get recognition in your area of expertise.

Using A Personal Web Page

Creating a personal website gives you a better visibility among competition and offers you highly personalized way of presenting yourself and getting in touch with future business acquaintances. By not being constrained by rules and design of the existing networks, a personal web page can play a crucial role in advancing your career as you can use it to showcase your personal style, brands and products in an original way. Even a basic website can be considered a digital business card which automatically makes you visible while, at the same time, offering an insight into your portfolio. With tools like WordPress setting up and running web page is a relatively easy task. Since no coding is involved and WordPress itself can take care of functionality, SEO, visual theme and much more.

Showcasing Expertise By Writing A Blog

It may seem hard to understand the difference between a web page and a blog, or it may even seem redundant having both, but take into account that a web page presents you and your business, while a blog is a very powerful tool to express opinions, ideas and knowledge in your areas of expertise. Of course, if you are skilled enough you can incorporate blog into your personal web page. Since this will be a business related blog, you should mainly write about news, innovations and all latest hot topics from your area of expertise. This is a great way of building an audience that is interested in hearing your opinions on said subjects. But be sure to maintain your blog and post regularly, as if your posts are too sporadic – your readers simply won’t have initiative to frequent your blog. There is more than technicality and logistics in creating business alliances, as many companies today want to get to know their associates, see the way they think on certain topics. Having a well written blog with healthy activity can be extremely helpful in differentiating you from the rest of the crowd.

Connecting With Others By Using Social Media

Expanding every second, social media with millions of users and billions of daily posts is an ever growing network of limitless communication. Facebook and Twitter enable you to stay active and publicize yourself on a daily basis, while multiplying the impact of one post by sharing it among numerous users and getting you more recognition. To take advantage of social networking and stand out, be clear and consistent, present yourself in a professional manner and use recognizable language, tone and profile photos. Always be polite, smart and witty in your writing, and be sure to share your content (blog posts) among your followers. Social media is by far the best and easiest way to connect with people who share similar business interests as you are.

Even though certain aspects of promoting oneself in the digital world may seem a bit daunting, the sheer quantity of users creates an opportunity that is not to be missed, but should be considered a valuable business interaction, with good communication being the key to success.

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