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Are You Guilty of Not Using These Automation Tools?

On the constant run of survival-of-the-fittest, businesses are always aiming to achieve the utmost efficiency and enhanced productivity. After all, there’s a reason why the US Automation software industry (Marketing) is a $6.1B market and is still growing.

Automation eliminates clerical work and enables human capital to focus on more creative tasks. At present, there are hundreds of automation tools available on the Internet each serving its own purpose.

However, there are few that stand out among the rest. Let me introduce you to some of the best automation tools available in the market that you must use to help your business grow. 

P.S. there are hundreds of more automation tools that can help you with your everyday life, but these tools are the ones that I personally use.

So without further delay, let’s get started:

Stillio : Capture Website Screenshots

Stillio, the popular Wayback Machine alternative, is a great tool for companies that desire to achieve their goals of being successful as soon as possible.

For a business looking to distinguish itself from hundreds of others in the market, it is necessary to maintain an efficient SEO tracking and a qualified brand manager in order to maintain a timely check on their improvement. For a lot of small companies, it is quite difficult to spend hours keeping track of these various systems.

This is where Stillio steps in. Stillio has the ability to manage brands, track business competitors’ progress and SEO systems. Its system will also assist you by keeping track of sponsored content with its automated screenshots feature.  

Wondering how exactly Stillio can help you:

  1. To keep an eye on your competitor’s offers/giveaways/strategies.
  2. To create and preserve your digital heritage, because it is essential to keep track of what is being said and where, right?
  3. To ensure your website follows regular compliances.


HubSpot is widely used to create unique workflows for developing emails. It is a marketing and sales developer software that was founded in 2006. It is one of my favourites on the list because of its broad scale of operation and top-notch services.

Workflows allow you to create nearly any sequence you want to. With HubSpot, you get to make customized emails with custom goals and targets set, without having to be an expert in any form of coding. The platform also provides segmentation logic and a visual editor along with a simple user face for all its customers. Its marketing automation is unlike any other in the business!

As your business grows, you might want to have access to more features. For this, you can simply upgrade your Marketing Hub plan and also add Sales Hub, if you require more specialization.

In short, here is how Hubspot can help you out:

  1. To increase your traffic with solid marketing campaigns.
  2. To generate relevant leads that will eventually become your customers.
  3. To automate the process of sales.


Mailchimp is an American company known for its ‘All-in-one marketing plan’. It helps in everything, right from building a website to create an email automation plan. Trust me, it’s a life-savior for startups and small enterprises.

 It sends out emails every time your website gets a new subscriber, a customer has an event or if there are any new workflow activities. Basically, it has a vast set of automation triggers for you to choose from. With top-notch integrations like API 3.0 and Event API available, marketing automation has never been easier.

The most important advantage of Mailchimp is the price for value. Considering that email marketing delivers $44 for every dollar spent, the minimal price you pay for its advanced version seems almost negligible.

Let’s summarize it with major benefits of MailChimp:

  1. To send announcement emails.
  2. To send regular emails to your target audience.
  3. To re-engage your subscribers via eye-catching emails.
  4. To build a Promotional Email sequence for special days like Anniversaries or Birthdays or any holidays too.
  5. To allow you to follow-up when anyone clicks on a Link In Your marketing campaign.


The company that is based out of Chicago, Illinois and earns a whopping 6 crores USD in revenue, is known for its‘ true marketing automation’ solution. It allows the segmentation of campaigns, personalized email marketing, and contact management.

It also integrates lead scoring and customer relationship management with efficient email marketing automation features ultimately helping in making valuable connections with customers. You can schedule emails, set triggers or even have large-scale broadcast emails. Apart from email segmentation and marketing automation, ActiveCampaign has a lot more to offer.

Certainly an investment for every small business who wants to earn returns on their marketing strategies!

Here are some common benefits of ActiveCampaign:

  1. To send exactly what your target audience wants.
  2. To automate emails, sales, and marketing sequences.
  3. To make meaningful conversations with your target audience.
  4. To connect with your audience when it matters the most.


Delivra is known to lay out a plan of action for its customers, create customized campaigns, provide notifications and send out triggered transactional emails. The platform hosts various templates, newsletters, and previews to choose from along with click tracking service and insights as per your settings.

Apart from that it also offers powerful CRM integrations, a multichannel automated campaign designer, and a responsive land page builder. However, there’s one drawback, unlike its competitors, Delivra doesn’t offer a free trial and is priced at $75.00 per month. 

Major benefits of Delivra:

  1. To create highly effective marketing campaigns within minutes.
  2. To understand your audience on a much deeper level with the help of various growth tools.
  3. To leverage the power of segmentation and preference centers.


LinkedProspect is the worlds leading Linkedin automation tool – perfect for automating the various processes involved in generating fresh, relevant and targeted prospects through LinkedIn.

Why Choose LinkedProspect?

  • Secure cloud architecture means you can access anywhere
  • Intelligent algorithms and clean IPs mean zero risk of blocked profiles
  • Virtual server automation keeps performing even when not logged in
  • Award winning customer support teams
  • GDPR Compliant meaning no data management headaches
  • Managed campaigns upgrade available to paying customers
  • 7-Day Free Trial (No payment details required)

Wrapping up!

Small businesses derive improvised opportunities to traverse across the heights of business growth with automation tools. Whether or not it’s the identification of unused resources, or saving a lot of money by minimizing employee labor, automation is the present and the future and these automation tools are the aggregators.

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