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Collaborate With a Web Editor For Your Blog Posts

Are you an entrepreneur, communication manager, blogger or marketing manager and you want to delegate the writing of your blog articles? Hire an SEO web editor! It brings you quality content and thus helps your site to obtain an interesting natural referencing allowing it to be well positioned in the search engines. Competent and expert in the field, he knows how to write relevant and useful publications in the eyes of Google and Internet users. So, convinced? Read on for more information on working with a blog post writer!

The Benefits of Working with a Blog Post Writer

Don’t have time to write your blog? Not the desire? No skills? Calling on a professional web editor makes it possible to answer all these problems.


Your job is not web writing. You know it’s useful, but you prefer to focus on your core business. The web editor is there to free you from this tedious work. You can thus dedicate your time to the operational: business as such, management, customer canvassing, partnership, customer loyalty… He knows how to write blog articles and will do it faster than if you had to do it yourself. same. Do not hesitate to delegate this task on your agenda. Hire a web editor trained by FRW. This ensures quality of service.


As we have seen previously, the web editor has all the skills to write blog articles. He is an effective and impactful professional in his content. It is thus able to adapt to the tone and style of the site and the blog. He also manages user experience (UX) in his work. Thus, it thinks in the place of the Internet user so that this one remains on your site. It can even incorporate storytelling to capture the reader’s attention.

The money gains

The sinews of war: money. Yes, the SEO web editor can make you money. As we mentioned earlier, it makes sure to provide useful information that makes readers want to continue the article. But above all, this expert makes sure to insert links to other articles on your site, or even products/services that you offer. The goal is to entice readers to make a purchase. In addition, quality content on social media verification agency will reduce the bounce rate (ratio which determines the number of Internet users having left the site quickly) and will increase the conversion rate (ratio which defines the share of buyers in relation to the number of visitors on the site). If you ask a writer for frequent content for your blog posts, then you improve your SEO significantly. In effect,

If your positioning is good, your traffic will be too. And if your conversion rate is high, your sales will increase.

The advantages of a freelance web editor

The little extras of the freelance SEO web editor for your blog articles:

  • Adaptability: it copes with any unforeseen events, an emergency request or any other problem. He works on his own account and therefore adapts his hours to the needs of his clients. He is available and flexible on requests.
  • Quality: the freelance web editor delivers impeccable quality work to meet the expectations of his clients.
  • Customer service: customer satisfaction is at the heart of its ambitions.
  • Autonomous: he knows how to work alone without needing to be framed.
  • Punctual: he scrupulously respects the imposed deadlines.
  • Reactive: he responds quickly in order to best satisfy his customers.

Skills to check before working with a copywriter

The web editor, a veritable chameleon of writing for the Internet, must have unique skills for writing a blog article.

Mastering French

At first, it is essential that the web editor has a total and perfect mastery of the French language. He generally has a literary fiber that allows him to tame:

  • spelling;
  • The grammar;
  • The syntax.

A typo in your content and the image of your site, or even your company, can deteriorate. Thus, the French of the publication must be irreproachable. Some web editors do not hesitate to highlight these performances within the framework of the Voltaire Project. This organization certifies and attests to the perfect knowledge of the language. This can be a guarantee of security for any entrepreneur who would hire a web editor to write their blog articles. You can also ask him for his portfolio. This will complete the proper verification of his perfect French. And you will see the different styles he is able to adopt.


The web editor has several organizational qualities. He knows how to prioritize his missions and follow them. He is also able to establish an editorial schedule elaborated following or not a complete SEO analysis of the site. You can also take care of it yourself. The SEO web editor also masters the structure of a blog article. To verify this, check out its references. You can also invite him to carry out your first editorial planning to test his experience.

SEO expertise

One of the main qualities of the SEO web editor is precisely his perfect knowledge of SEO. First, he is competent in markup. It is a computer language for structuring content. Secondly, it is able to determine the main key query of your article and, if necessary, a secondary key query. The writer then adapts the semantic field according to these key queries. Finally, he knows how to integrate links in order to create what is called internal linking. This encourages the reader to read other articles and thus, to stay on your site.

He is constantly on the lookout for developments in search engines and thus adapts his knowledge to the benefit of your blog articles. Also, the SEO web editor is able to carry out a complete SEO audit to measure the performance of your site. He then analyzes the positioning of blog articles, follows them and adapts his editorial planning accordingly. To check this skill, you can ask him about the position of his articles in search engines.

General knowledge and curiosity

Any web writer must be curious. Indeed, he may be called upon to work on completely varied themes. He knows how to adapt to any request by carrying out the necessary research to write a good blog article. Its general culture is at your service. His portfolio will demonstrate the diversity of areas for which the writer has written. Their CV or LinkedIn profile can also attest to a varied experience in several sectors. And if not, you can also invite him to write a test article on a subject that he does not know specifically.

Things to know before delegating content writing on your blog

Collaborating with a web editor requires knowing certain points that should not be overlooked. He must be a support for you so that your cooperation succeeds. He is an expert able to assist you with all the parameters detailed below.

The briefing

To frame the writing of your blog article, you can provide specific instructions. In order to make an exhaustive briefing, here are the elements to be indicated:

  • Title/subject of the article;
  • The structure of the content (titles, subtitles, list, images, etc.);
  • The number of words desired (minimum, maximum, range of words);
  • The layout (font, line spacing, etc.);
  • The deadline;
  • The tone to use;
  • The price (per item, per word, etc.).

If you are new to this, do not hesitate to ask your web editor to help you formalize it. He is used to it and will know how to fit the brief. Thus, he will ask you for the elements he will really need for the good writing of his content.

Editorial planning

A fundamental tool, it gives rise to order tracking. The editorial planning can be carried out either by yourself, or by the web editor, or in collaboration during an appointment, a video or an exchange of emails. It states the subject of the articles, the main key query, any secondary key query, the keywords, the links to insert, the number of words, the deadline and the delivery date. You can also add any other element that seems useful to you (the URL of the existing article if it is for example a modification, a suggestion tab, etc.).

The search for key queries and the semantic field

The SEO web editor is able to define the key request(s) for the different blog articles to be written. This will then lead to the study of the corresponding semantic field. He can use tools to help him in this process. You can also provide him with software inherent in the search for keywords.

Finding reliable sources

Trusted sources are a huge part of writing a blog post. The web editor searches known sources and integrates credible and reliable information. You can ask him or not to provide them for any content writing. Do not hesitate to share with him your own sources, documents or files useful for his drafting.

CMS integration

You can choose to delegate this task to your web editor. He is a professional capable of integrating the complete article (text, images, links) on your CMS in order to relieve you of it. Thus, he chooses the right elements that will complement each other well in order to make an article ready to be published by you or planned by himself.

Calling on an SEO web editor is essential for the success of your blog articles. Expertise, skills, analysis, follow-up, he is the ideal partner to support you. It can also help you write your other website content: home page, about page, services pages, etc.

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