Digital India Logo Story – The youth who designed the logo for Digital India Program is designer Rana Bhowmik, who works in a Delhi based mobile company.

On May2015 Government of India announced through Mygov, a competition on Designing Logo and Creating Tagline for Digital India.

Design Logo and Create Tagline for Digital India

Rana Bhowmik sent his application to the competition for Digital India logo and tagline on the last date. Bhowmik then got a call from NEGD, the department handling the project and told that your logo was selected among a few other logos and they suggested a few changes to his design.

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After a few days, they called Bhowmik to say your logo was selected as the Digital India logo. Bhowmik was invited to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence to be awarded the cash prize.

Bhowmik said it was beyond his dream that his creation will now be a part of the Digital India mission. He believes it will bridge the gap between rural and urban India.