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10 DIY SEO Tips to Save Money

Search engine optimization is different from internet marketing. While it costs time and requires specific skills, it does not have to be an expensive affair. Even a college student with limited or no resources can hack SEO. What you need to do is hire thesis writers to handle your assignments as you learn more about SEO and digital marketing.

Some SEO tricks require boosting using money. However, others are free yet will go a long way towards putting your website at the top of every search engine’s results. Here are the top SEO tricks that will save you money and improve your ranking tremendously. 

  1. Work on Your Titles 

The first attraction to an article is the title. Even on search results, people will click on your website in response to the title. Create a captivating and engaging title that will push more people to click. Craft a title that invites everyone to click on the website because it promises value. 

The appropriateness of a title goes beyond capturing the attention of people consuming your content. It must be appealing to the search engine by capturing keywords that people could be using while searching online. Sub-titles also count in improving your ranking with every search. Once you work on your titles, both the search engine and people looking for similar content will land on your website. 

  1. Research on Keywords To Use 

The internet has a language called keywords. A search engine will only respond to your content based on how close it is to the keywords used by internet users. Research these keywords and include them in your blogs or web content.

The internet has tools to help you research keywords. Use the tools to identify the words people looking for services or goods in your industry are using. The words change from time to time. The words trend at some moment before being overtaken by others.

Watch the long-term performance of different keywords in your industry. At the same time, you must ride on trending words to take advantage of traffic surges. Do not use blind titles and subtitles.

  1. Study Your Competition 

How is your competition doing? What keywords are your competitors using? What tricks make their content viral? Imitate these tricks and make your website better than theirs. 

While you should be original and unique, you are competing with your rivals to capture the traffic targeting a particular keyword. If you have to get the lion’s share of the traffic, your tricks must be better than his. 

  1. Work on Your Website

The architecture of your website affects your ranking to a great extent. Some of the crucial website factors that will improve your SEO performance include loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience. Use a host with a reasonable bandwidth that allows the website to load significantly fast. 

A mobile responsive website will tap into the growing mobile traffic. The images and content resize to fit the screen of a mobile phone. The architecture of the website also allows mobile phone users to easily click on icons and perform other tasks like sharing with ease. The bottom line is to create a website that captures the imagination and meets the expectations of your visitors. 

  1. Fresh Content 

Upload fresh content regularly. Readers want to get value for their time. They want an assurance that the few minutes spent reading an article will add to their knowledge as opposed to regurgitating the same old content. Write new articles and provide fresh content for your website. It improves traffic because people know that they will get something new with each visit. 

Search engines also appreciate the new content. They recognize that new articles have updated information and are, therefore, beneficial to readers. The best place to add fresh content is through a blog. Here you are at liberty to update the content unlike on Services or Contact Us pages where the information does not change much over the years. 

  1. Utilize Social Media 

Social media is a free marketing tool that will significantly boost your SEO strategy. Use such platforms to expose your website and content. Social media attracts billions of users each day. They are looking for content similar to what you produce. Share your content on social media and your followers will share the same with their friends. This is an excellent way to boost exposure. 

  1. Understand Analytics 

Search engines generate detailed analytics that will help you to improve your performance. Analytics will give you an idea of the people coming to your website, what they are doing, how long they stay on the website, and the reasons they leave a site. Such data is crucial in improving your future strategy and performance. 

For instance, if you realize that they abandon the cart at checkout, you can improve the process. They can tell their age, location, and profession from the analytics. Use the details to tailor the products to suit their needs better. 

  1. Enhance Visitor Experience 

Do visitors love staying on your website? Give them a reason to stay longer and explore other pages. Some of the tricks include valuable content, fast loading speed, and link building. If visitors find your website to be valuable, they will spend more time there, raising your profile on search engines. 

  1. Diversify Your Content 

Provide a variety of content for your users and search engines. Caption the images and videos using the best keywords in your industry so that they are captured by search engine spiders. As you add images, videos, and such rich content, you attract more groups of content consumers. 

  1. Use Feedback to Improve 

What are your readers saying about your website? Take the feedback for use in improving the overall experience. They are the consumers of content and will only stay if they feel like their concerns are addressed. 

SEO does not have to cost a fortune. A few adjustments here and there will give you a website that ranks top on all engines. These DIY tricks will significantly boost your ranking, providing the exposure you require to sell more. 

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