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Pandemic Essentials: Top Sites To Help You Survive Online Classes

The first case of covid-19 was discovered on December 31st of 2019. Ever since that tragic day, the lives of every person in the world have changed significantly. It became very far from the way it was before the virus struck the world. If students attend class in the four corners of the classroom, learn with their classmates, and more, all of these are impossible today.

Universities were forced to conduct online classes. Luckily, with the aid of technology, doing it is not impossible. Using the students’ mobile phones and computer devices, it’s achievable to learn at home. But take note that all websites are helpful to students and sometimes can be harmful to them; that is why it’s urgent to find the best websites for learning in this setup.


Digital documents play a significant part in the lives of many students during online classes since there is no other method for them to pass and receive school works and reading materials from their teachers and classmates. This type of file is essential because it can be quickly sent, compact, highly compatible with computer devices, and secured.

But that is not always the instance; luckily, there are many file managers to help students attain a perfect file not just in content but also in format. One example of a great file manager is PDFBear. It can convert various files such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, text files, JPG to PDF and vice versa and add page numbers to PDF.

PDFBear also offers so many extra features that are very valuable to students in accomplishing their tasks at school. This includes PDF splitter, merger, compressor, a PDF editor, and so much more. But most importantly, it can secure your file with a 256-Bit encryption protocol for setting up passwords, a security system that is not easy to breach.


Not all students are fluent in speaking English, making these students prone to committing grammatical errors in constructing essays and articles. Therefore, creating grammatical-error-free schoolwork is very important for students to relay the message of their work and impress their professors to earn good grades.

With Grammarly, the students can finally create schoolwork that is free from errors. In addition, this platform is excellent in helping students make their schoolwork convincing to the readers, concise, and very clear. It’s possible because the website evaluates and fixes the spelling errors and punctuations of your work. You can do all this by following simple steps.

By simply logging in to their website, copying your work, and pasting it, the website will detect all the critical errors to be corrected and will also suggest the best words to make your work more understandable and neat. You can perform this on any device such as your computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

One of the biggest problems with creating documents nowadays is the plagiarism issue; since there are many sources on the web today, you cannot check all of them to see if it resembles your work, but with Grammarly, you can avoid being accused of stealing other people’s work because it compares your work to over billions of sites on the web.

Google Meet

One of the biggest problems during this pandemic is connecting with other people. This is a problem faced by the students and the teachers since schools were forced to conduct classes online. But luckily, we are now in the 20th century, where connecting and communicating with people from all around the globe is not a huge problem.

Google Meet is a platform where students and teachers can meet to conduct discussions and talk about certain things that have something to do with their academic performance. Although there are hundreds of video-conferencing venues on the web today, still, Google Meet is one of the best because it provides a better connection than the other websites.

This website is entirely free, making it perfect for students and teachers to use. The only thing you need to have to enjoy the excellent video conferencing experience is to google account. Google Meet can accommodate 100 participants in every meeting, more than enough slots for everyone in the class to join.

It also provides some exciting and useful features like adding design to your background to cover your messy room, screen sharing if you want to present Powerpoint presentations, the ability to record the whole duration of the class discussion, and security like no other because only the people who have the link or code to the meeting can attend the conference.


Technology is indeed a gift to all of us; it is an essential tool in a constantly changing world. It helps us in so many ways and on so many levels. The websites mentioned are only some of the few proofs of how useful and how convenient technology is.

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