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6 eCommerce SEO Tips To Boost Store Traffic In 2024

The number of eCommerce platforms is skyrocketing every year. The trend of shopping online is also on the rise. Still, the competition level is high in the eCommerce sector. The startups have lots of questions- How do we make our stores visible on Google? How do we get valuable traffic in our sites? The most effective option for them is to apply the best eCommerce SEO techniques in 2024.

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Now, check out the SEO tips for your eCommerce platform.

Choose the keywords and decide on their proper placement

Every second, Google serves thousands of users, and it always tries to provide quality results to the searchers. It focuses on the user’s intent to find the relevant pages. The search queries are referred to as keywords. However, the best SEO professionals categorize keywords into different groups based on the target users’ intent.

  • Navigational keywords- They are related to a particular brand, product, and location.
  • Informational keywords- These keywords are for those who like to learn something about your products.
  • Commercial keywords- They indicate the purchase desire of potential consumers. 

In most cases, the search engine users type informational words into Google.

The most important step is to categorize your keywords by using spreadsheets. Moreover, you have to identify the competitors’ keywords and target them for your SEO campaign. You must also organize keywords by CPC and volume.

Manage your eCommerce website images

Images play a vital role in your eCommerce SEO campaign. Thus, the way you manage those images can make a difference in the SEO result. 

You need to write image descriptions by using relevant keywords. It enables Google to identify your images and rank your webpages. 

Do not use stock photos for your eCommerce pages. Although it is legitimate to use those images, Google has started turning against those photos, as they are available on multiple sites on the web. Look for original photos for more effective SEO. It is also better to post some unique stock images. 

But, there is no need to write descriptions for buttons and other small images. Keep the description short, precise, and accurate without stuffing several keywords.

Publish content relevant to the users’ queries

The content development is one of the most important steps for your eCommerce SEO. When a user looks for one of the products, you need to present them with the relevant page. 

A robust content marketing strategy is important for your SEO campaign. There are some tips for content development. 

  • Quality is more important than quantity while developing eCommerce content. Craft the best quality content for your targeted keywords. 
  • You must focus on the target readers while composing the content. Although Google algorithms are important, the engine gives high value to its users.

Make your eCommerce platform mobile responsive-

Billions of smartphone users use their devices to search for products and buy them. That is why Google has thought of giving more importance to the mobile-friendliness of every e-store. Moreover, mobile-friendliness is one of the metrics to measure the search engine result.

There are some steps to make your store mobile-friendly.

  • Adjust the store interface for your mobile customers.
  • Check the load time and page speed on mobiles
  • Do not use very big font sizes
  • The checkout process must be uncomplicated.

You may rely on SEO tools to check your site’s mobile performance.

Start a link building campaign-

Most of us focus on the on-site SEO for the eCommerce platform. However, off-page SEO also holds high importance. You have to create a link building strategy to gain higher authority and trust.  You may use tools to check out the type of links used by your competitors.

The best link building campaign increases the number of brand mentions. You can search for websites that give you a chance to mention your store’s name. You may also add your brand name to directory sites. Moreover, there are resource pages that connect your eCommerce brand.

Do SEO audit regularly

As Google updates its algorithms, you can find differences in SEO trends every year. That is why you can engage a team of SEO professionals to audit your eCommerce website regularly. They can identify the SEO issues and modify some parts of your site.

During the audit, they will check-

  • The visibility of your site
  • The current rank in the search result
  • Placement of keywords
  • Duplicate content

It may not be easy for you to implement an SEO strategy. Thus, you can engage the best SEO team to deal with the campaign. Professional marketers know about the latest algorithmic modifications. It enables them to make your eCommerce SEO campaign successful and draw more traffic to your site.

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