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Co-working Connections – How to Build a Network in Co-working Spaces

The co-working craze in the United States provides SMEs, start-ups and remote workers with the ability to work in an atmosphere focused on innovation and industry. Among the many benefits, these co-working enclaves provide a support network for businesses trying to establish themselves in the greater business community. While there typically is a charge to work in these spaces, it is so worth the investment, especially if you are committed to making your venture work.

Building your network is effortless because co-working logistics encourage both work and social interaction. While working, professionals might find themselves at a dedicated or hot desk, which can be the hub of conversations. Click on the following link www.servcorp.com/en/coworking to see how one co-working space works.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can establish a network in your co-working space and create more opportunities for your business in the future.

Connect With Others

Because of the proximity in which professionals sit and work, there are numerous opportunities to get to know one another. Simple interactions can build more conversations that ultimately lead you to the kinds of discussions that raise your business’s profile. However, you have to engage your fellow co-working mates. Ask them questions about their professions and be willing to share your experiences. These light conversations, surprisingly, can be the jumping off point other more salient discussions and a network.

Seek Out Community

Co-working’s greatest quality is that they are socially-centred communities. This community is usually established through owners hosting events that galvanise the space. Events like barbecues, happy hour, conferences and other social engagements become the foundation of community.

Find your space in the co-working space by simply getting involved. If this means assisting with organised events, creating a team building committee or forming other community-based partnerships, participating in the space’s activities is a great way to get to know people and to build a network. These activities can also act as a springboard for getting your name out there as well.

Network And Collaborate

In addition to informal and formal networking opportunities, talk to others to find out their interests and specialities. Use this opportunity to collaborate on certain projects, and maximise your collaborating skills by seeking out multiple teams. With enough savvy, you might be able to build a small enterprise, but more importantly, these ventures can lead to greater opportunities and a widening network of expertise from which you can draw.

Host Events

A more relaxed way to build your network is to host events by yourself or as a part of a team. Pick any event, even ones that promote your own brand, and many will take it as an opportunity to learn but to get to know who you are. Whether it means organising brainstorming meetings to address business concerns in the community or hosting a costume party as an icebreaker, introduce yourself to the community and establish business associates.

Establish Online Presence

Use social media and other online platforms to introduce clients and people outside of the community to your business. By engaging in online public relational activities, you are putting feelers out into not just the immediate business community, but the international community as well. Ultimately, anytime you get the chance to talk up your craft you have the chance to connect with others doing the same or who have in interest in the subject.

Building Your Co-Working Network

The co-working space differs from other spaces simply because social interaction plays a huge role in getting the work of business done. By recognising the social aspect of business, co-working professionals are primed for the types of interactions that promote business growth. In the end, these interactions are the force behind building that much-needed network that will support your business endeavours.

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