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Mobile App Development: Do You Want to Learn a Programming Language?

Recent skyrocketing rises in sales of iPads, smartphones, and tablets have also augmented the demand for building mobile apps. After observing the tremendous success of making iPhone apps in 2007, developers come up with newer development platforms that include Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Being an entrepreneur it is necessary to complete a thorough market research to understand the possible benefits and pitfalls of specific design and programming platform. In order to select the most suitable platform to gain maximum business benefits, you need to decide your audience and their needs first.

When it comes to taking the final decision for developing an app; market research end up showing the 90% share of industry is occupied by two major platforms Apple and Android. Although market trends can’t be ignored while deciding to follow a technological trend, recognising your audience and business needs are also critically important for ultimate success.

Here I am sharing a brief about the best programming languages you can use for successful apps development in Dubai.


HTML is not an outlandish term even for those who are not actually involved in developing and designing software and IT products. Everyone knows it is a coding language used to render web pages. In order to use this coding platform for mobile devices, it iterated version of HTML5 is combined with JavaScript. The coding system allows you to insert the multiple data types while streamlining the input parameters. Whereas the balancing the playing field of browser its ability to generate responsive design enable apps to justify the variable screen sizes.  In addition to offering cash benefits to businesses, offline caching also benefit users with offline access to certain elements. Its capability to in different ways to use for a wide range of devices like iOs, Android and desktop computers make its preferred choice for native apps. Moreover, the neat design and reduced maintenance requirements further increased its popularity.


Having been an active user of software products, most of the entrepreneurs are aware of the use of different forms Java, JavaScript and Enterprise Java Beans in the development of a wide range of software. When it comes using this platform for app development, only Java is capable of aligning perfectly. The object oriented programming language is most frequently used by enterprises to develop software solutions for them. Its capability to run in a browser window and virtual machine makes it a favourite choice of developers when they need the flexibility to re-use the code to update software. Whether you have chosen an android platform or you want to write a common codebase for different platforms, then Java becomes the most desirable choice due to its unique features.

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Swift is a recently used by Apple for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. This coding language is purposefully made to work with Objective-C. Primary reason for designing Swift is to overcome the security issues associated with Objective-C.  This unmatched level of security, simplicity, error reduction with Sugar syntax, easy extension and maintenance with Dynamic libraries have made it an ideal choice for iOS and OS X. After observing its potential, in 2015, Apple has made Swift an open source to increase the number of people willing to utilise this platform.


If you need to develop an app that is fully functional on Android and Windows phones, then C++ is a coding platform answer that can answer all your object-oriented needs. Nowadays this programming language is widely used for all existing platforms. Having been categorised among traditional language platforms, most of the developers are aware of using it in coding to develop a wide range of software apps.


Despite using C++ to develop iOS apps, Apple started using Objective-C as their primary programming language. It is actually a superset of C-language that is very similar to C++ in terms of functionality, display, graphics and I/O functions. Today, it has become an imperative component of a wide range of frameworks like Apple, iOs and MacOs.

Summary: Irrespective of the basic reason for choosing to develop a mobile app, choosing a suitable programming language is a must have you can’t ignore to extract maximum benefits.

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