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PHP Popular Frameworks To Develop High-Performance eCommerce Website in 2024

With each passing year, website developments are becoming more complex and demanding. So how to deliver more value than the yesteryear’s is the biggest buzzing question for the developers…

Developing an eCommerce website or web application from scratch integrates a lot of work. The real challenge comes when you need to recreate the functions that have already been made thousands of times with better efficiency or at the lowest price. A software development company can overcome this problem by providing you a solution that can build you a perfect eCommerce site. 

When it comes to developing a website, PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the open-source scripting languages that has been commonly used by the expert PHP developers. According to a survey, 80% of all the websites existing on the internet were using PHP language in 2018.

However, how do you differentiate between then best PHP frameworks?

Confused? Don’t scratch your head! This post will provide you a list of the best 7 PHP popular frameworks that you can choose to develop high-performance websites in 20 

Let it be the discussion for later!

Before getting into the detailed list of PHP eCommerce Frameworks, it is worthwhile to understand why you should Hire Ecommerce Developer for developing an online Store?

An Introduction to PHP Frameworks and Why You Should Use One?

In the software development community, the word “frameworks” provide you the foundation that you can use to develop projects more efficiently although under a limited time frame.

A PHP framework is a type of framework that provides you a basic structure for streamlining the development of web apps. Usually, developers prefer to access PHP Frameworks as it will speed up the development process. Secondly, the responsiveness of the websites and applications built using PHP frameworks actually extend the performance of the businesses. So undoubtedly, developing a site with PHP framework will continue gaining attention and popularity in 2019 not only among PHP developers but also in the developer’s community. 

All set to hire PHP developer? Hold On! Have a look over this graph representing the ratio of PHP developers in the world…

Now you must be wondering how to choose the best offshore software development company for your web development needs? 

What factors do you need to keep in mind while hiring an eCommerce Developer?

We completely agreed with this fact that with the availability of a plethora of PHP developers, choosing the best PHP MVC framework for web application development is a daunting task. However, don’t fret!

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before making any final decision of hiring PHP developers…

  • What functions and components do you want from the framework?
  • Is the framework being regularly developed?
  • What is the learning curve of the framework?
  • Whether there is a small or big community around a particular framework?

Let’s unlock the list of popular PHP programming languages: 

1. Symfony – High Performance PHP Framework for Web Development

As like when you enter the theater, the well synched musical instruments set the perfect ambiance for the visitors, web development is also much like playing beautiful music that integrally responds to user’s needs…

The Symfony Framework was launched in 2005, developed by SensioLabs, holding the third position after Laravel and Codelgniter. Today, the Symfony community is supported by more than 300,000 developers that not only offering training courses in different languages but also update their blogs regularly. 

While it is reliable, mature and an extensive PHP MVC framework, Symfony is the highly recommended framework by the developers. If you are still not convinced, read further.

Reasons To Use Symfony

  • Symfony is the perfect option for developing large scale eCommerce projects as it is easy to install and simple to configure on the most platforms.
  • The key feature of PHP frameworks, its components are reusable. Further, it boasts database engine-independence and its stable.
  • Symfony complies with the best practices and design patterns that allow hassle-free integration.
  • Symfony is highly flexible and can integrate with bigger projects like Drupal. The unique and common features of Symfony and Laravel make it difficult to say which one of the best frameworks between them. 

2. Laravel – The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Introduced in 2011, after Symfony but has become one of the top free-open-source PHP frameworks in the community. Why?

The extensive features and ability to code beautiful designs, making it a king in the PHP framework’s world. Laravel is the leading framework that can handle complex web applications securely and at a faster pace with no learning curve. By simplifying tasks such as routing, sessions, caching and authentication, Laravel has made the web development process far easier for all level developers. 

Reasons to Use Laravel

  • The most easy-to-learn framework
  • A PHP community’s favorite framework
  • Outstanding training materials will be provided to all level developers
  • A simple unit is integrated for testing 

3. CakePHP – Open Source Web Framewor

Did you know that CakePHP was the first PHP MVC framework to hit the market in the early 2000s and still it is considered as one of the best PHP Frameworks that you can use…

Here are some stats representing the popularity of CakePHP in the developer’s community:

  • Today, 205,847 website users accessing CakePHP.
  • 59,786 CakePHP websites are live and 146,061 websites are history that used CakePHP. 
  • In India, 824 CakePHP websites are live.

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Reasons to Use CakePHP

  • CakePHP is one of the simple and easy to install a framework that can be accessed with a copy of the framework. 
  • CakePHP is the ideal for developing web applications due to security features that include SQL injection prevention, cross-site request forgery protection, cross-site scripting protection. 
  • The key features of CakePHP are fast development, proper class inheritance, validation, and extreme security. 

4. Yii 2 – PHP Framework

Yes, it is!

Yii is another popular PHP framework that works right out of the box. You must be wondering why Yii outshines over other frameworks?

Well, just like other PHP frameworks, Yii offers a robust set of components that you can use to speed up the web application development process. However, it stands out from the crowd due to its robust set of security features, which enables to develop highly secure projects. 

Reasons to Use Yii Framework

  • Excellent speed and performance can steal the show
  • Create a secure, reliable and high-performance website
  • Use the default setup or customize it to meet your precise needs. 
  • Seamlessly support AJAX
  • Hassle-free integration with Third-Party components.

5. CodeIgniter – Powerful PHP Framework

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework that uses a Model View Controller(MVC) architecture. If put in simple, CodeIgniter uses different components to handle specific development tasks. This approach is highly appreciated by the developers as it enables them to build highly-scalable web applications with smaller footprints.

That’s not enough! So what’s making them stand apart in the PHP community?

  • Encourage hassle-free installation with highly illustrated documentation.
  • Ideal PHP framework for beginners as it has a low learning curve.
  • Compared to other frameworks, CodeIgniter is faster and ensure solid performance. 
  • CodeIgniter is the ideal option when you want to develop lightweight applications to run on modest servers. 

6. Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is a highly powered PHP framework packed with lots of advanced features including robust processing and easy integration. It has several optimized features such as cryptographic coding tool, front-end supported drag and drop editor, PHP unit testing tools that make it recommended by expert PHP developers. 

Still stuck with the question, WHY?

  • The scalable framework is ideal for complex websites as it offers a myriad of configuration options to the developers. 
  • Lightweight application to access by all level of developer
  • No complicated learning curve
  • SEO friendly and user-friendly PHP framework 
  • Supports multilingual features

7. Phalcon – High Performance PHP Framework

Phalcon is quite different from other PHP frameworks as its coding style is based on C and C++. Yet Phalcon offers an advanced level of features to create flawless web applications, it is the top-rate choice of many PHP developers. 

Phalcon is the framework comprising of exceptional features including asset management, caching, universal autoloader and others. Phalcon is very easy to use and understand as it comes up with detailed documentation to help developers understand the PHP platform better. 

Key Features of Phalcon

  • Phalcon is as fast as a Falcon as the code style is written in C and C++ to rich the highest level of performance. 
  • Boost web development process and decreases resource usage. 
  • Phalcon is packed with many cool features such as universal auto-loader, asset management, security, and catching.
  • An easy to use the framework as it is well documented

Final Words

While we have never walked into your shoes, so we have no idea about your expectations for the web development project. However, with some research and survey reports, we have listed some of the popular PHP frameworks that you can access to meet your web development needs. Either you can employ software development services to get the right solution for all your web application development needs. 

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