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Top 10 Most Popular Apps For Android

It would not be a hyperbole if Google Play Store is termed as an ocean of Android apps that is filled with both millions of paid and free Android apps. Among these millions of apps, there are some of the apps that are most popular among Android users.

These apps have been downloaded millions of times on unique Android devices. So, guys if you are keen to know about the 10 most popular apps for Android then just continue your read till the end.


Starting with WhatsApp, the biggest chat messaging app on earth that is used by every user irrespective of its age, sex or location. It is free to use messaging app that connects you with your family and friends.

Using WhatsApp, you can not only send text messages but also sends documents, images, videos, voice messages. Also, now the app allows its users to connect via a voice call and video call. To use this free app only thing you need is an active data connection on your device than whether it may be 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.


One of the most popular social networking Facebook has more than 1,000,000,000+ downloads and 2 billion monthly active users. From its inception in the year, 2004 Facebook has now turned out to be the biggest social networking app that is connecting millions of users from all around the world.

Moreover, on Facebook, your connection is not limited to your family and friends as you can connect with millions of other Facebook users by sending or accepting their friend request. Using Facebook app, you can share all your emotions by posting your status, sharing your photos, videos and memories.

Now Facebook is not limited to connecting strangers and friends now it has become an active platform to promote your products and business.


Who else has the biggest collection of videos, other than YouTube? The answer to this question is simply no one. So, if you have to watch the trailer of the latest movie or the latest trending video, current news of the world or a video from 50’s then all you need to have YouTube app installed on your phone.

By just installing the YouTube app you can access millions of videos from all around the globe. And what more you can not only enjoy the videos but also make a video of your own and upload it on YouTube so that the whole world can see it.

Now with the latest additions in the app now you can save the videos to be watched in offline mode, connect and chat with your friends to easily share a video.

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Snapchat makes its entry into the market of social networking apps when there is already much available competition. But its unique concept of self-destructing images and videos make Snapchat one of the most popular app and that is mainly among the youth.

This free to use app give the new dimension to all the social networking apps, as it focuses more on sending the images and videos then the texts. Snap lenses, filters, memories, story, snap map are some of the features that undoubtedly make Snapchat as one of the most popular app of Android.


Instagram is another app that is popular among the people of every age group. Basically, it is an app for the people who wish to share their every moment with the world and follow every moment shared by millions of Instagram users.

Instagram enables you to build your story to the world by sharing multiple videos and photos on Instagram app. Also, you can add spark on the photos that you share with various built-in tools and filters of Instagram.

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Google Search:

When we are talking about the most popular apps for Android then how can we ignore Google Search? We all are quite familiar with Google as it is the most preferred search engine, and when it comes on Android then Google Search is the app that helps you to search for almost anything from the Internet.

So, whether you wish to know about the cheapest flight, or the best restaurant in the town or an answer for your technical query Google search app is all you need on your Android device.

Google Maps:

Next in our list of popular apps for Android comes Google Maps. The app developed by Google helps you to reach your destination even when you do not need to know the way to reach there.

The apps not only provide you the accurate navigation but also updates you with the real-time traffic on the route that you are following. And if you are travelling in a place where you might encounter with poor internet connectivity then you can use the offline maps feature to reach your destination. Really, with Google Map app now you can explore any place.


Are you an expressive person or you wish your voice to be heard by the World, then Twitter is the best medium for you. An amazing app where you can tweet on the current political situation, a live match or just watched movie.

Moreover, if you like somebody else tweets then you can retweet it or like or comment on it. With Twitter app, you can explore the world for trending topics and events.


Gmail, one of the most preferred email client developed by Google to send and receive emails. Now with the Gmail app, you can send and receive all your emails even when you are not in front of your computer.

All this means that now you are not going to skip any of your emails even when you are on the move. Also, Gmail app automatically categorize your emails in between social and promotional to make the inbox more organized and clutter free.

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Facebook Messenger:

On one side where Facebook helps you to publicly connect with your friends and family, Messenger helps you privately connect with your friend or family members.

This free to use app is completely secure using which you can not only send the text messages but also can connect with your friend via video chat. Also, you can make your chats more expressive and fascinating by using various available emojis, GIFs and stickers.


Though  Xnspy  might not be as popular as the other apps on the list but it certainly has got some solid download hits up its league (recorded figures from third-party stores). Because the app isn’t available on the Play Store or App Store (due to its inquisitive nature), we don’t have the official download figures. However, Xnspy leads the $4 billion mobile spyware industry and that’s why it was a must-have on our list. With Xnspy downloaded on someone’s phone, you could access their entire phone data. This includes their phone calls log, emails, internet browsing history, multimedia, IM chats, contacts, Tinder profile, etc. It’s great to be used as parental control and to satisfy your prying eyes due to its absolutely discreet nature.

So, guys, these are the most popular apps for Android that you will find on the Android device of almost every user. Besides these there are several other apps that are quite popular on Android like android cleaner apps to optimize the performance of your Android, weather apps to know the climate and forecast, music apps to listen to your favorite songs, photography apps to enhance the pics that you have captured and much more. Guys, all you need to do is to just visit Google Play store and pick the app that you need.

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