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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile POS System for Your Restaurant

A Point of Sale (POS) System is used at the point of transaction for a business. This is where customers pay for the goods or services provided at the store, or in the context of a restaurant, where customers pay for the food and services provided by the staff.

Traditionally a restaurant POS system simply consisted of a cash register, hence meaning that transactions and other tasks had to be executed manually. However, in the present day, things have changed. Mobile POS systems for restaurants have brought about a significant change in the way transactions are carried out. This is mainly because mobile POS systems offer a variety of features, unlike traditional systems, thereby bringing about more efficiency overall. Listed below are five reasons why you should consider using a mobile POS system for your restaurant.

1. Manages sales & inventory

As a restaurant owner, you can easily track your restaurant’s inventory with a mobile POS system. This provides you with easy access to data, to the extent that you don’t even have to visit your restaurant physically to track inventory. If your restaurant has several branches, a mobile POS system will be useful because it also allows you to manage multiple inventories spread across different locations.

2. Employee management

Mobile POS systems provide you with a variety of features that can be used to execute employee management for your restaurant. For instance, POS systems assist restaurant owners by tracking activities carried out by the employees. These factors may range from the number of tips collected to the sales made and hours worked. This is also advantageous because it ensures that the skills of all of your employees are being utilised well. Statistics actually indicate that profitability increases by 21% for businesses with highly engaged workforces. Overall, POS systems make it much easier to keep track of your employees by providing you with all the data you require, right at your fingertips.

3. Customer Loyalty Programs

The customer loyalty programs integrated with mobile POS systems can go a long way in terms of benefiting your restaurant. This is because it makes the process much easier by enabling you to learn more about your restaurant’s purchase trends and customers, with the use of reports. Mobile POS systems also provide you with the ability to manage loyalty programs that are credit-based and are compatible with loyalty cards which can be used to redeem points. Focusing on customer loyalty to such a great extent is important, considering that 43% of consumers spend more on brands that they are loyal to.

4. Reporting and Analytics

The ability to evaluate trends at any given point is crucial for any restaurant because it results in decisions made by the owner which are more well-informed. POS systems like SalesPlay provide you with an array of reports, such as sales summary, product wise sales and Goods Received Note reports. All of these reports provide you with the information you require to make the right decisions for your restaurant.

5. Increases productivity

The overall productivity of your restaurant can increase immensely as a result of a mobile POS system. The errors that may occur during orders for instance will decrease because orders can now be made on a device by the customer, thus meaning that these orders will be transferred directly to your restaurant’s kitchen display system. This instant transmission would also mean that your kitchen staff will be able to start working on an order much sooner, thereby lowering the amount of time it would take for an order to be sent to the customer.

To conclude, it is clear that utilising a mobile POS system will be extremely beneficial in the long run, due to the many positive impacts it will have on your restaurant.

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