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Rules For Creating A Winning Website

Are you thinking about Creating a new website for your business? Here are few strategies to help you create the perfect website system.

  1. Be considerate of your visitors. Do not try to force your visitors to read content of your web pages. You let them decide what want to read. If you have something to say find your listeners.
  2. The bad ads are bad. Advertising upset can improve your income for a while, but ultimately not help your site succeed.
  3. Informs and educates your visitors. Share your thoughts, ideas, experience and knowledge with all those who may need or may want your advice. Since you have information, you have a powerful tool to attract public attention to your work, interests and services.
  4. Develop your own style. Create your own ideas. Be inspired, but do not copy. Explore your imagination curiosity. Fresh ideas and new or old (improved) probably attract more users to the copied.
  5. Respect the standards, people think. So you should not worry about new versions of browsers, basically because you’ve done a good job.6. Readability, accessibility and usability. Respecting these points, you are respecting your visitors.7. Use clear language. Do not be afraid to say what you want say. Ambiguous creates unnecessary distance between you and your visitor. Be precise with what you want to discuss or present start an active dialogue with your readers.8. Hate Internet Explorer if you want, but do not ignore its users. Do not project your code in mind a browser in particular or a particular resolution. However, direct your Internet Explorer code exactly as you guide others browsers.9. Watch your content. Develop web pages, try them informative, interesting and have good presence. No Remember that your visitors will remember everything. If you offer a Visiting a link to a page without the description inadequate appropriate to what lies behind that link, you’ll never see it again.

    10. Do not think about keywords. It is more important what can offer your page. Refine the position in which they appear in the other search will take much longer to write an article useful in your blog.

    11. Avoids undesirable public relations methods. Optimize for search engines incorrectly (eg exchanging links with all possible locations, placing you links on websites links, Etc.) Will only lead to late or sooner your site is banned from most search engines.

    12. Contact but do not spam. Let those who can be interested in your content are aware of the same. First outlining your potential customers and then Focus on those who may be interested in your services.

    13. Write, publish and feel free to ask. Out there always an abundance of web developers who will be making the same question you’re making it now.

    14. Answer your mail immediately. States faster than you can contact your potential customers, not let rest an e-mail in your incoming folder more than twelve hours, but not send automatic replies.

    15. Use the advantages of semantic web. Do not be afraid to mention your site on Digg, Blinklist hundreds of managers and other social networks. Yes, choose labels carefully used.

    16. Create connections. Developers always creative windows are supported by CSS (CSS Showcases) galleries, and blogs from other web developers.

    17. Think Globally. The content of your website can not attract the public in your region, but the boundaries of each network more and more diffuse.

    18. Never compromise your principles. Discusses how that a site must be presented or developed, respect your clients and their point of view. But really you think the building on the site. Do not do exactly what you have asked. Correct errors if you realize that the customer is wrong.

    19. Remains active. Stay informed about what is happening on the Internet. The online world is developing at the speed of light and new ideas are shared in an instant. It is best use RSS feeds of blogs most popular web development.

    20. Learn to master the creative. We must find new exploit ideas and try to find through development forums all that interested web users.

    21. Create a nice web. Using CSS, be clear, a web design intelligent and readable … This is nice. How can you resist such beauty?

    22. Be aware of the power of the Internet. You’re also creating, so you have something to say. Support projects that will seem important.

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