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The Data Cloud is Transforming Businesses- Here’s What You Need To Know

Between the push to reduce carbon footprints and the push to reduce on-premises costs, companies are turning to the cloud to store their data. This can often come with a steep learning curve depending on familiarity with accessing and storing things needed to make business run smoothly. The possibilities make it worth whatever training may be required for your employees to fully take advantage of everything the data cloud has to offer.

Keep reading to learn more about data clouds like Snowpark, that are positively  transforming businesses. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Many occupations are collaborative by nature. Round tables and white boarding are both common scenes in the office where people brainstorm new designs or determine what to do with a new set of data. Now that remote work is more common, these sessions have moved online and it only makes sense to have a secure spot that is accessible by everyone to store information. Snowpark aims to meet these needs.

Snowpark is Scalable and Agile

If one engineer is proficient in Python, and their colleague is more comfortable using Java, they can both use their preferred programming language as multiple languages are supported. Both SQL and noSQL queries are supported and Snowpark even catches them for you to ensure optimal efficiency. In fact, you can have any number of employees working at the same time due to its automatic compute-cluster scaling. This means no more complaints that the network is slow because something is taking too long to download, upload, query, update, or whatever task is in process.

With its pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you use. You can purchase more resources or scale down depending on what your company needs. You can also compress your data to take up less space, another cost savings measure. 

Everyone loves to save time, so the ability to automate your updates while ensuring uptime (especially if your SLA includes five nines—99.999% availability is a tall order) remains steady is a great way to maximize operational efficiency. Routine, tedious tasks were made to be automated so people can focus their time and energy elsewhere.

Rest Assured: Your Data is Secure

One common fear of storing data in the cloud is that everything you’ve uploaded will be accessible to just anyone. How do you make sure that only those who are authorized access your files, code, designs, and other important company information? 

Snowpark’s ability to manage security policies from a single platform is not unlike pushing firewall rules via central manager. Restricting network access to only those who need it is best practice in general; the “need to know” principle should always be followed. The Access History view shows who accessed what, which is particularly useful if something breaks or goes awry.

Optimize Your Business with a Data Cloud Today

Advancing technology has wonderful potential to make lives easier as everyone works together to complete projects, share data, and streamline mundane tasks that would previously take up too much time. Snowpark offers countless possibilities for a fast, reliable platform to securely share sensitive documents along with the flexibility to evolve with business requirements. 

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