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The Voice Search SEO Strategy – Importance and Uses

Remember those days when you used to speak on the voice recognition software, saying “I can’t hear you” and it used to turn out to be “Japan’s eating Lamb Stew”? Well, this might seem quite funny now but the use of voice search has improved quite a lot since then and is, nowadays, one of the most effective ways to improve your marketing strategy.

The modern day voice recognition search is not perfect – and it needs more time to becomeso; but still you can simply just press the button, and search for anything that is important to you. This exactly what the new age searchers are doing these days. Rather than wasting their time typing on the search button, they start talking and voila- The result is right there!

Users these days, rely heavily on voice search – half of the teenagers and adults around the world use voice search, at least, once a day to meet their browsing needs. Whether they are looking for the best restaurant to dine in, the nearest movie hall,best books to read or simply looking for help to do homework, voice search comes for rescue. And according to a new survey, almost 20% of the total searches on Google come as voice searches

Evidently, the use of voice search SEO has become quite essential these days. People might very soon swap written searches for voice searches.  In such a scenario, it becomes absolutely important that you make your website voice search enabled for increased sales. If you believe in this revolutionary search technique, it is high time you optimized your website for voice searches.

Things to Consider While Making Your Site SEO friendly to gain traffic from voice searches online-

  • Consider the searcher’s intent – Not everyone will be using the same words to find your site. Different people will use different ways to find it, and therefore you should keep the keywords in mind while creating your content. Assess analytical data to get a clear idea about what keywords majority of people are using to address their search needs. Use keywords that bring you most traffic and put them naturally in your content wherever required. If you live in Ambala, take help from a reputed SEO company in Ambala to help you with the keywords. SEO companies are well aware of how most people make voice searches. And by taking cue from those searches, they will be able to devise amazing keywords for your content.
  • Use natural Language – Most people use natural language to pronounce their searches for online content. Therefore, you should start using it in your contents too. Natural languages are those that people use while speaking or conversing with others. Use of the natural language in creating your keywords will make sure your website even caters to the search needs of people who are making voice searches instead of written ones. This will make your content more SEO friendly than ever.
  • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly – Most people, who carry out voice searches, are likely to do it on their mobile phones. And that is why,if you wish to drive more traffic towards your website, make sure it is mobile friendly.

The voice search SEO strategy is a great way to attract traffic to your website. All you need is to follow these simple tips and wait for the results.

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