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3 Ways a Video Calling Software Helps Inbound Calls

In the last decade, the slogan ‘Customer is king’ has become increasingly popular. This focus on customer-centric business values has fuelled the growth of call centers that cater to a variety of consumer demands and have suitable solutions. Previously, when technology wasn’t as advanced, long waiting queues for getting through to a customer service agent used to put customer loyalty to the test. Now, many companies are turning to advanced call center software that makes it easier for customers to contact businesses through their representatives. Let us first understand what is a call centre and its different types.

A call center is a department within an organization or another organization altogether. The purpose of having a call center is to handle entertain customer calls and answer their queries. Call centers also take care of live customer support, e-mail systems, faxes, packets, emails, and instant messages among other things.

Call centers can be classified as inbound, outbound, or both. Inbound call centers handle incoming calls, emails, tweets, and chats, while outbound call centers handle customer communication by initiating the conversation through different channels. Customers may use inbound call centers for registration, order placement, troubleshooting, and statistics.

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There are video calling software like KENT CamCall that support businesses’ customer communication initiatives in various ways. As customers now prefer face-to-face interactions,  call centers that do not have a video calling capability may not be able to keep up with the consumer demands with outdated methods. 

Video calls are similar to across-the-table conversations, in which all the involved parties can see each other’s reactions and gauge body language. There are many video calling software available  in the market that offers several benefits for customers and business. 

Here we will talk about a couple of ways in which video calling software help inbound call centers:

  1. Call initiation made easy

Be it anyone – whether a caller or a client, both can get on a video call using their cell phone. There are brands like KENT that offer KENT CamCall, which runs on a browser, even on mobile phone browsers. It does not require users to install any apps or plugins, making it a simple solution to start a video call. 

Additionally, the callers may even be able  display an invoice as evidence of purchase or even share it with the agent while they are using the video calling software. They can hear the agent and see how responsive and willing he/she is. Majority of companies that are using video call solutions are pleased with the results.

  1. Better understanding, faster resolution

Agents also use video calling software to show a caller how a product works or fix a problem. By observing the caller’s facial expressions, the agents may be able to determine the caller’s attitude and align their service or solution delivery accordingly. Similarly to how the caller can use a cell phone, the agent can use his or her mobile telephone to instantly respond, whether or not he is in an office. 

Agents enjoy human engagement and do their work better using live video calling software, contributing to increased satisfaction for consumers and cumulative improvements in a company’s customer service. Amongst others, you can explore options from brands like KENT that offers advanced video calling software, KENT CamCall. It allows agents to exchange audio-visual information with consumers to develop understanding product and answer their questions correctly. 

Customers leave happy with the distinguished experience they receive. This can also improve the organization’s upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  1. Build a Relationship 

Customers who are facing problems and need prompt solutions, can be converted into loyal customers based on the personalised experience that organizations can provide them with the help of a live video calling feature. As the customers feel more engaged and appreciated, it fosters customer loyalty and thus boosts the organization’s brand credibility.

Now, you must have understood how video calling software can help inbound call centers. When looking for such software, brand reliability plays a critical part. KENT CamCall, for example, is regarded as one of the best call center outsourcing tools.

Its innovative functionality, such as video messaging, supervisor control, third-party connectivity, and low bandwidth demand for a better customer experience, make it better than its competitors. So, book a free demo and experience a new era of customer service!