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What are ‘Simulive’ Online Events, And When Should You Consider Delivering One?

Hosting live events comes with issues we have all experienced. A lot can happen unexpectedly ranging from audio and video malfunctions, disruption of internet connections to speakers cancelling at the last minute. Thankfully, organisations now have the option to use simulated live webinars or ‘simulives’. Here you will find all the key information you need to know about this technological phenomenon. 

1. What is a ‘simulive’ online event?

A ‘simulive’ allows companies to pre-record all video, audio and presentation materials in advance with the help of a webinar platform. The event is then scheduled at a specific time and date and delivered to a live audience. This involves the use of important features such as a live chat, reactions and Q&As at the end. 

This type of online event enables you with the opportunity to prepare an on-demand session combined with all the benefits of hosting a live webinar. In this way, you can choose a time which works for all speakers ensuring their attendance. You can also solve any technical problems which may occur beforehand. This format will work best for content which would not change over time and would not be affected by current trends.

2. What are the benefits of using ‘simulive’?

A major benefit is the flexibility and convenience they offer. Once you have determined the type of content and format of the event you would like to hold, it’s up to you when you decide to record it. You have the option to include a multitude of speakers by pre-recording them remotely and editing them out so they appear together. 

In comparison to live webinars, with ‘simulive’ you can ensure quality. You do not need to worry about making a mistake or forgetting an important detail as you can simply re-record any section you like. Breaking down the event into pre-recorded and live parts will help you manage it better and focus your full attention to the questions and engagement with the audience. 

Another important advantage is the possibility of sponsors supporting your event as they would know everything will go as planned. This can help your promotional campaigns and ensure a great outcome.

3. When should you consider using ‘simulive’?

You may find hosting ‘simulives’ useful if you plan on delivering a global webinar and it is difficult to arrange a convenient time for all parties involved. Also, it may be beneficial in cases where you would like an active discussion to take place between the speaker and the audience. If your speaker does not to need to present live, they may be more focused and able to provide quality answers. 

Another key reason why you may want to utilise a ‘simulive’ is if you would like to reuse and rerun the content. You can easily upload the pre-recorded session to your website and send it as a special bonus to a specific group of people. Overall, opting for this type of online event can reduce stress and offer a variety of opportunities for better engagement and results.

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