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What Makes Snakes, Ladders and Ludo So Popular Over the Internet

Snakes, Ladders and Ludo has taken the internet by storm! In a short span of time, it has become the most popular fantasy game. This game is a combination of two widely played games -snakes and ladders and ludo. While it may sound a bit complicated, it is an easy and fun game you can enjoy with family and friends. You can easily download the snakes and ladders game and enjoy playing it!

Thanks to technology, today you can play this game on different platforms. You can simply download the game to your Android device and start playing.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc in everybody’s life and forcing people to stay indoors most of the time, online games have become a major source of entertainment. It was during this time, many twists were added to a few games to attract people and engage them during the health crisis. While there are numerous games you can play online, a few games have gained popularity in a short time.

Have a look at a few reasons why snakes, ladders and ludo is a popular game

1. Easy and Simple Game

Snakes, Ladders and Ludo game can be played by young and old alike. It takes only a few minutes to learn snakes, ladders and ludo. The rolling of dice plays a key role. Similar to Ludo, here you are given two tokens with which you take out your opponents’ tokens. Also, here a player has to move up the board without getting bit by the snakes. That said, only two players can play this game at a time.

2. Easy To Find Opponents

As many people enjoy playing this game, you can find someone to play against you at any time. The Internet has made it possible for people to enjoy this game without any hassles. You can easily download this game and enjoy playing it with your friends and family.

3. A Little Twist To The Old Game

To make the game more interesting a few new rules have been added. This board of snakes and ladders also comes with a few rules of Ludo making this game very popular. All these rules ensure people are engrossed in it and enjoy every bit of it.

4. Enhanced Graphics and Interface

While most of the rules and design is similar, this new game features improved graphics and interface. Its vibrant colours make the game visually more appealing and the animations add a fun element to the game. Overall, these new additions have made this game entertaining and resulted in its increased popularity.

Tips To Help You Win

1. Choose The Right Platform To Play The Game

We recommend you do extensive research about the gaming platform opinions from friends and other gaming community online before you start playing.

2. Keep One Token Handy For Attack

It is important to hold one of your tokens in the starting position. This way you can eliminate any of your opponent’s trailing tokens. However, do note, your opponent can also use the trick on you. So, ensure you use this trick carefully.

3. Keep Your Tokens Together

Make sure to keep a safe distance even if your opponent captures one of your tokens. You can either retaliate or have the options to evade the snake bite by choosing two options instead of one.

4. Make Sure To Have A Dedicated Time Slot

You can focus completely on the game if you play with a free mind and thus win the game. So, choose a time slot in such a way that you dedicate your entire time to the game.

5. Improvise Your Strategies

As this new game includes different elements, you have to keep a few strategies to ensure you are ahead of your opponent.

6. Practice Makes You Perfect

To get your moves right or to be ahead of your opponents, you will have to practice the game well. So, we recommend you download the game and practice well if you want to win every game you play.

Playing games can help improve your cognitive skills and increase your brain power. Now that you know why this new game is popular, you can go ahead and play it. This new game is similar to snakes and ladders with quite a few interesting twists that are sure to keep you engrossed throughout the game.