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Game-Changing Technologies in the World of Business

Already in a constant state of flux, the business realm is always undergoing some sort of progress, to meet the needs of the modern consumer. It only makes sense then, that technology is one of the pillars of business advancement and growth, as new innovations that keep popping up tend to shake its very foundations.

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Even at this very moment, businesses are doing their best to implement their latest strategies involving technology in order to be at the forefront of their niche, and the leaders of their industry. However, there are certain tech advancements that are fueling business growth in every possible sector, and the following will certainly dominate 2018!

All things video

With businesses that have larger, dispersed teams, nationally or internationally, finding ways to boost communication will translate to immediate productivity improvements and better team coherence. To that end, many medium and large companies plan to and are already investing heavily in video technology to offer greater support to their interconnected teams.

Since we live in the age of flexible work hours, freelancing and remote work (to be discussed later in detail), it’s only natural that we also need to overcome the typical setbacks that come with this change of pace. Paired with the agile project management already implemented among various industries, video conferencing is now front and center to make their daily communication as seamless and direct as possible.

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Reconsidering your currency

We have all witnessed the Bitcoin crash and phoenix-like resurrection for the umptieth time in the past couple of years, and with many other cryptocurrencies changing the financial structure of the world, businesses are about to feel this shift. However, in order for businesses to make the right call when diving into this still volatile market, consulting trusted sources such as The Blockchain Review gives them the edge to take their business transaction methods in the right direction.

There is bound to be much buzz around the rise of crypto, hence the need to keep learning about the ways of this ever-changing market. On a slightly brighter note, there is hope of introducing a currency called the stablecoin intended to combine the transparency and security of blockchain with the stability of already established currencies.


The era of bots

Our lives have already become permeated by the use of various AI solutions, such as Alexa or Siri, and not unlike them, chatbots based on written language will be the predominant tech factor to reshape the way businesses interact with their customers. They are the key element to enhance the customer experience, or the “secret ingredient” to language finesse needed to make that sale or maintain loyalty.

By now, they have become almost omnipresent, from messaging apps to simple ordering/booking/shopping systems, they are an already embraced part of the modern customer experience. What the following months will provide, however, is the refinement of these bots, to be better fine-tuned to the needs of each business and brand. They are designed to recognize our patterns, and deliver the best possible solution, advice, or advertisement at any given moment.

Remote and virtual

From project-management platforms, all the way to communication apps such as Slack or good old Skype, the world of technology is helping businesses adapt and restructure to meet the needs of the changing workplace. As more younger generations join the workforce, and with the millennials leading the way, a certain level of flexibility is almost required from modern companies to keep up with the pace of the world.

More employees want the ability and the freedom to work remotely, but still stay in touch with their teammates, whereas employers are striving to cut down on office space and expenses by maintaining a business solely with remote and freelance workers. Of course, this means that monitoring their performance is out of the question in a traditional sense, but with immersive technology on the rise, businesses will be more than able to overcome this particular setback.

Virtual Website

AR, VR, and everything amplified

Once upon a time, the notion of goggles that reshape your perception of reality was considered a Hollywood-only concept. Nowadays, the idea of augmented reality has imbued many aspects of our lives, and Pokémon Go is merely one of the more commercial examples.

AR, VR, and anything that falls along the lines of tech-altered reality will become the go-to move for many brands to elevate the shopping or browsing experience in-store. Add to that the ability of smart technology and availability of the Internet to direct you towards the right store and your favorite brand, and you have an all-around augmented customer experience.

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