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How to Manage Your Amazon Alexa Privacy Settings at Home

Now stop saying Amazon Alexa stupid when you have these easy steps to manage Alexa’s privacy settings.

The Amazon Alexa is the leading smart home gadget and these devices add lots of convenience to our life. Alexa set of skills includes – controlling smart homes, giving answers to the questions, play music, help in organizing its user’s day and it also controls its user’s TV. But with these appliances, there are privacy and security risks inherited. And users of Alexa finds these issues very stupid. As they think Alexa is always recording their information. Here are some common questions throughout Alexa recordings and privacy:

Is Alexa Always Listening?

Well, Yes, Alexa is always listening to you unless muted, as the microphones always listening for the “wake word”. And it doesn’t record and send anything to cloud servers until it hears you say the wake word. 

Do Amazon Employees Listen to My Alexa Recordings?

According to the Bloomberg report, thousands of Amazon employees are listing to what people say to Alexa.

But Amazon employees can listen to your recorded snippet according to your privacy settings. And Amazon only uses the users’ conversation to improve voice recognition and services.

What Else Does Alexa Record?

Alexa not only record voice snippet but it also traces smart alarms, smart home devices history such as a thermostat history, when a door was opened, etc.   

Anyhow, there is no need to worry about these issues because Amazon designed Alexa devices with multiple layers of privacy protection. Here are the Alexa privacy settings or features that might change your mind.

Amazon Alexa Privacy Settings

  • In Alexa privacy settings you have the option of view, hear, and delete your voice recordings.
  • Manage skill permissions settings helps to manage the data which is provided to Alexa skills. 
  • The option of managing smart home devices history by deleting device status history anytime. 
  • You can also control how you help improve Alexa.

Manage Alexa Privacy Settings

Voice History Management

In the Alexa app, you have control over all the voice recordings. You have permission to view, hear or delete your voice recordings. Following are the steps to review your voice history:

  • Go to the Alexa Privacy setting page.
  • Select the Review Voice History option. 
  • And then select one of the options under Date Range. 
  • Mark the recording that you want to delete.
  • Select Delete Selected Recordings and delete the recording. 
  • And by selecting the All History option you can also delete all voice recordings. 

Home Devises History Management

Alexa devices capture the information of the third-party smart home device for example camera information, state of switches, etc. Here are the steps to delete third party device status history which is associated with your account. 

  • Go to Alexa Privacy Settings.
  • Then select Manage Smart Home Devices History.
  • Click delete the Smart Home Devices History button. 

Skill Permission Management

This feature of Alexa gives you permission to see and manage the data that you provided to Alexa skills. 

  • Go to Alexa Privacy Settings.
  • Select Manage Skill Permissions.
  • Mark the data type that you want to manage. 
  • And then from the Alexa skills, toggle each skill on or off.

Alexa Data Management

Alexa users can also control how they help improve Alexa.

  • Go to Alexa Privacy Settings.
  • Click the Manage your Alexa data option. 

Hopefully, the above points that I shared to set Alexa’s privacy settings will help you. You can also find your Alexa device-related issues solution at Echo Tech Expert. 

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