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How To Sell On Flipkart

How To Sell On Flipkart – Complete Guide

Can you make a career as an online retailer? If you are already a brick and mortar store owner then can you make it big in the world of ecommerce? The answer to both these questions is yes provided you choose the right platform and the right products synchronized with a strategy.

The platform to choose

Among all the online platforms in India you will find Flipkart is the biggest in terms of revenue. Its revenue for 2018 stood over Rs 26900 crores, 19% higher than Amazon. Register on Flipkart and you have acess to 10 crore buyers from over 1000 cities across India. With just one step you take a giant leap forward. The question is how to sell on Flipkart? For beginners it may be a problem on how to proceed and where to start. Follow this complete guide on how to sell on Flipkart.

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The basics

You will be selling through legal channel as a registered seller on Flipkart. This means you must have appropriate registrations and certifications that Flipkart will ask of you when you apply to become a seller. You will need to get these documents ready:

  • GST registration – It is better to trade on Flipkart with a company name so obtain GST certification as a company.
  • PAN – Again, get the PAN in your company name.
  • Open a bank account and get a cheque book in your company name
  • Address proof for business and your personal identity proof and contact details.

Get these and scan or use your phone to capture images and keep them ready.

When you register as a company you can form a proprietorship company, a partnership, a private limited or a public limited company. Since you will start on a small scale it is a good idea to form a proprietorship, or better, still, a partnership firm. If you have hesitation as to how to go about it you can always seek help of Digicommerce, the top ecommerce business facilitator.

Flipkart registration

Now that you have these documents ready you can start the process of how to sell on Flipkart by initiating the registration process.

  • Navigate to seller.Flipkart.com.
  • Fill in your email ID and phone number.

You can also start the process by sending an email to sell@Flipkart.com or SMS SELL to 56677 to receive guidance on taking the process further.

  • Once you receive confirmation you can create login account, login and start registration by filling in all details in the form. This is when you will need to keep documents handy to upload them in support of your application.
  • If everything is in order you will receive confirmation that you are registered. You can then start the next step of uploading profile and creating listing of products to sell.

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What to sell and pricing to fix

Wait. Before you jump right in take a moment to consider what you wish to sell and the pricing you wish to set.

  • This is crucial. You must select the right products to sell. Parameters are that they should be fast selling with good scope of demand in the time to come. Research Flipkart and the internet to know which products sell in high volumes on Flipkart. You can pick these products to sell on Flipkart.
  • Pricing is important. You have to consider your profit margin. You must also consider Flipkart charges you pay on each sale and taxes on Flipkart charges as well as your product sale.
  • Further, you will have to price the product in line with what others are charging for the same item.
  • This makes it important to select products with good volume sales and adequate margin to cover Flipkart charges and taxes. You will have to get your sourcing right to be able to source products at the right price. This again may depend on buying in bulk. You also must consider possibilities of product damage and returns by buyers.
  • Your friend in this situation is your ecommerce enabler who helps you with product selection and pricing so you are not stuck in a dead end.

You will find that it is a good idea to carry out this exercise before you start the registration process. You must know profitability and your e-commerce enabler is the right person to assist you. You can get step to step guidelines related to your product on mention link how to sell on Flipkart.

Listing on Flipkart

Once your account is verified you login to your account and access the dashboard and create a listing of products to sell.

  • This involves uploading photographs of the products and descriptive text as well as price information. Photographs must be clear and well lit to convince buyers and text must be informative. If this is a hitch for you, your digicommerce ecommerce enabler will be glad to assist.
  • You choose the right category in which to list products so, when buyers look for products, they can see your listing in searches.

From here on it is easy to manage your account through your dashboard on Flipkart and update products and other details in addition to viewing orders and payments as well as returns.


One of the biggest benefit of selling on Flipkart, apart from the fact that you get thousands of orders in a year, is that you do not have to worry about shipping.

  • You obtain Flipkart branded packaging materials from approved suppliers a犀利士 nd use these to pack your product once an order for it is received.
  • Flipkart logistic partner will pick it up and send it on wards.
  • Flipkart does have various shipping options like Flipkart advantage, Flipkart fulfillment and standard as well as cash on delivery. You can pick the option you find convenient.
  • Pack the order, confirm it on your dashboard and wait for courier to pick it up.
  • Flipkart delivers to buyer and you receive payment in your account according to their schedule.

This is how you get started. There are finer points like how to drive more traffic, popularize your store on Flipkart and take part in promotions that you will learn as you go along and get even more sales.

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