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6 Ways To Increase Your eCommerce Traffic And Sales

If you own an e-commerce store you should always look out for different ways through which you can increase your online traffic and sales. A business development team can take you far to only a limited point. After which Business generation must be coupled with other strategies such as regular optimization and using multiple selling channels to attract customers. Here are a few other ways through which you can increase your sales traffic:

Try to convert as many customers as possible:

Several customers will visit your website but it’s hard to predict their conversion rate (i.e. whether they will make a purchase or not). Let’s say for example 100 customers went through your website but only 30 or 40% of them will actually fill their shopping cart and make a purchase. The rest of the carts usually remain empty leading to 0 revenue generation.

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Customers abandon shopping carts mostly due to the price of the product or the additional charges associated with it. It’s a common notion if customers are getting the same thing at a cheaper rate elsewhere they would opt for that brand/ store. Also, if there are hidden costs such as shipping charges and additional taxes customers will leave your site.

So in this case, your objective should be to convert at least 60% of the abandoned carts into buyers and you’ll see your business earning handsome revenue in no time.

One of the best ways to do it is with follow up emails. While sending these emails, take a note of the following pointers:

Use catchy phrases and attractive pictures to lure them back to your website.

Discount/ promo codes go a long way for shoppers.

If they were looking for a top-selling product make sure you keep aside a few extra for them.

Remind them of what they left behind in their cart (i.e. abandoned products).

Focus more on eCommerce design and development:

Employ good photographers and designers who can capture impressive product visuals and enhance the graphics of your website. Don’t use standard descriptions for products instead you should opt for simple and creative product content. Also, the addition of customer-centric features such as wish lists will increase their interest in your store.

Having a good social media presence:

Having a good social media presence is also important for your business to flourish. Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook are home to more than 2 billion active users. Being an e-commerce brand you should have a presence on these platforms and the best way to attract visitors to your page is by developing your page/ account. Regularly post images, and content for engaging customers. Updating customer reviews will create a great image of your brand. Video content explaining the use of popular products will capture the attention of buyers. Lastly, you can also sell directly on the Facebook store application.

Engage in affiliate marketing:

Affiliates will help increase your product reach. They work on incentive basis and earn commission for every product that is sold through them. Though you will lose out on some of the profit you will get free marketing for your product/ business and increased sales. Payments only when deals take place.

While running an affiliate program here a few tips you should keep in mind:

Know you affiliate: Before joining an affiliate network visit their website to get to know them more. Familiarize with their policies and charges and glance through their existing clientele.

Searching for affiliates: Make use of existing networks to find an affiliate which can sell your product efficiently.

Payment is a major factor in affiliate marketing: When you opt for affiliate marketing you get the added benefit of advertising. Thus, paying your affiliates well will save you on additional advertising costs.

Cross-Sell and Upsell products on your platform: Cross-selling and Up-selling constitute as much as 35% of the total revenue of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Upselling simply means upgrading a product. For example, You bought a High Definition Television for your home but after a few years, you can upgrade that product by exchanging it for a new one. Another great example is when you purchase a pair of sneakers for working out. You can buy a new pair after those ones wear out.

Now, that you have bought a pair of sneakers for working out, you will also require workout clothes, some basic equipment like dumbbells, a yoga mat, and safety gear (i.e. ankle straps and knee pads) for protection. This is when cross-selling will take place. You just have to be stocked up when the customer places their order online.

Increase your sales by tracking Google search queries:

Once you’ve employed social media, affiliate marketing, customer conversion and cross-selling/up-selling to increase your sales you can shift towards Search Engine Marketing. It’s a great way to increase customer visits to your website. It tracks the most searched google queries and relates them to your products. As a business, you can use Google Ad’s to display your product which will help customers find it easily and make purchases from your store. If you are not good at Search Engine Marketing you can opt for paid SEM services which come in monthly/ yearly packages.

Final Verdict:

We hope you found this article helpful in your quest for e-commerce bliss. In the end, you can adopt either one or all the strategies mentioned above. It all depends upon your requirements and the money you are willing to invest in your business to increase your traffic and sales. Also, there are many tools available in the market such as Criteo and Gleam.io which can help you to implement these strategies and profits can be earned easily.

So get started and discover which technique will work best for your business. We would also like to know about your experience, so leave a comment below or email us whichever suits you best.

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