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iPhone 8 – A solution or a problem?

Recently, Samsung and its latest launch “Samsung Galaxy S8” is ruling the smartphone world with all the latest features used in the production of the end product. The latest update was the Infinity display which made all other companies think about their production ideas and especially it is a major concern for the Giants. Apple has been working on their heredity of launching a new iPhone later this year in October and as always the whole world has started assuming different aspects of the smartphone. One of the most talkative points is the display as Apple has to work out to get back the throne which they have lost to Samsung later this year.

But the question remains the same “Is Apple has worked out on the final design of the iPhone 8?”

There are speculations that Apple is facing many difficulties in finalizing the end product due to the implementation of wireless charging in the Phone. There was a sense of panic in the air of the company especially in June when all the engineers and designers were working to get it finalized. This is the news which was shared by a source who was close to the company. Apple is the company of rules and regulations in which “delay” is the word which has no existence in the company. They work on a perfect plan in which they used to finish the work on the operating system in summer and later they finalize it with the hardware. The latest version of iOS is iOS 11.0, and according to reports the final work on the project is still pending. Apple just doesn’t love delaying features but things are changing within the company and they have to swallow the harsh truth about the project.

There is another news in the market that Apply might delay the final production of iPhone 8 which was expected to launch this year and the company might launch the second version of iPhone 7 and will be “iPhone 7s” this year. It might have some additional features in it like the latest iOS version, some changes in the display and the problematic wireless charging. It might be the same price for which iPhone 7 was launched and the prices may also get higher for iPhone 8 as that will be the revolutionary phone by the company.

So if someone will believe the rumors, iPhone 7s will be the next launch by the company in coming months, may be in October or by November. The latest iPhone will have the advanced functionality but there is a twist in the tail as some sources believe that Apple is still working on the launch of iPhone 8 and as per the company, they will launch the new iPhone 7s in coming October and the most awaited iPhone 8 a month later in November. This is something that Apple has never done before as it will impact the sales figure of iPhone 7s as everybody will go towards the iPhone 8. In recent months, the company has gone out of the way and there are chances that they might launch two different iPhones in the same year. This might change the ethics of the company but it will open the doors to gain back what they lost in recent years.

They have always worked in the same manner which was started with the iPhone 4 as it made the way for iPhone 4s and now it is expected the same as iPhone7 and 7 plus will make the way for iPhone 7s and 7s plus. We are just 3 months away from the launch and will wait for the curtains to unveil.

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